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Bay Area Air Quality Management District is Proposing a Point Of Sale Mandate for Wood Burning Fireplace/Wood Burning Device Replacement to EPA Standards.

fireplaces1Sonoma County is just one of the counties under the jurisdiction of the Bay Area Air Quality Management Division, and not the entire county is covered. The towns north of Windsor, Ca. are not part of the BAAQMD, and would not be effected by this proposed mandate.

The proposal is still in the planning and public outreach stages, and a bit hard to fully understand.  The information can be found at their website, , along with many clickable links to more information.

The NorthBay Association of Realtors is strongly against any Point-of-Sale mandates.

Here are the details of this latest proposal;

Bay Area Air Quality Management District officials are considering a plan that places new mandates on wood burning fireplaces, including a possible point of sale. Possible mandates include:

  • Homeowners must remove their wood-burning fireplaces before a home can be sold
  • If an EPA certified wood burning fireplace is the only source of heat, homeowners may receive an exemption to use it on mandatory burn ban days, if they register it with the Air District, and may be required to pay a fee
  • Upon remodeling a fireplace, the uncertified wood burning fireplace must be replaced with a gas fueled, electronic or EPA certified heat source

REALTORS® have expressed concern that:

  • These type of retrofits can cost upwards of several thousands of dollars
  • The point of sale is ineffective since it would take decades to reach every home
  • The point of sale would especially hurt seniors
    on a fixed income who need to sell their homes
  • The plan does not take into account historic homes
  • Instead of a mandatory point of sale, the Air

We feel that the District should create an incentive program for homeowners to replace their wood burning fireplaces, as the use of incentives has historically been an effective method in Sonoma County


Shirlee Zane is one of the Sonoma representatives who will be voting on this issue. Contact Supervisor Zane at: (707) 565-2241;

Petaluma City Councilmember Teresa Barret is one of the Sonoma representatives who will be voting on this issue. Contact Teresa Barret at: (707) 778-4360; teresa4petaluma@comcast.


Real Estate Hour favorite, Denise Frye of Make Your House A Home Staging, Joins us this Sunday 3/29/2015

Spring is here and the real estate market is all a flutter.

Whether you are thinking of selling, or just want to spruce up your home, Denise will give us some sound advice.

Denise Denise Frye has combined her 25 years in Customer Service, Marketing & Sales with a lifelong passion and love for all things Home! She has created an innovative company geared to help Home Owners, Home Sellers and Real Estate Agents. Her talent, experience and training have come together to create, design and implement solutions tailored to stage your home to appeal to the majority of buyers. Denise has the amazing ability to educate and ease homeowners through the emotional & sometimes stressful process of preparing their home for sale.

Make Your House A Home is a locally owned family operated business. They serve their clients with the highest level of professionalism and unsurpassed Customer Service. They are in the business of First Impressions where their goal is to showcase your home to prospective buyers to get you top dollar in the shortest amount of time.

Denise Frye


Office: 707.575.8413

 Cell: 707.326.7722

Tom Havstad, Permit consultant, Joins us on Today’s Show

Sunday, March 8, 2015. We are please to have Tom Havstad, Permit Consultant, join us again. Tom brings a wealth of knowledge to help navigate through the complicated permit process, or to answer questions during a home purchase where there are permit related questions.
Tom Havstad is the owner and primary consultant for Permit Consulting Services. His work in the contruction industry goes back more than 35 years. He has been here in Sonoma County since 1979.

permitYou can reach Tom at;

phone: 707-874-2078


Tom has had a General Contractor’s license since 1976, and a Real Estate License since 1978. In 2003 Tom acquired the certification of the California Real Estate Inspection Association as an Inspector to write Property Inspection Reports.
Tom has purchased land for development and built and sold homes on that land. He learned that it’s always about finding solutions, whether it’s planning a project, scheduling it, or working with the design and engineering professionals to find a cost effective way to approach the project. Working with the local building department, the inspectors, planners, all the departments, was essential in order to make each project successful.
Even before coming to Sonoma County in 1979, Tom ran work as a Superintendent for a Los Angeles company that specialized in building schools in earthquake prone areas. That’s the kind of specialized work that has an inspector on the job 8 hours a day, and blueprints that often had 30 to 40 pages for each building. Code compliance for buildings like that is about as strict as it gets.
To get a fuller idea of the broad range of experience that Tom brings to the consultant business, here’s a listing of some of the types of projects that he’s been involved in:

  • Single family homes
  • 2nd Unit construction
  • Commercial buildings
  • Commercial tenant improvements
  • Wine production facility
  • Rental housing
  • Sewer line construction
  • Residential remodelingProperty Inspection Reports
  • Septic system construction
  • Well drilling
  • Multi-family construction defect repairs
  • Grading and road building
  • Flood plain construction / FEMA requirements


Wondering How Far Home Values Have Come Up Since the Peak??

ChangeinthemarketCalifornia lost about 60% of value in the years following our peak, which hit the top 2006/2007, and hit the bottom in 2009. So, a negative 14.5% is not bad.

Every State (every market for that matter)experienced different declines, different peaks, and a different increases in home value. so, here’s a very general look at the country and where each state is compared to where they were.


Where to Find Your Downpayment for a Home…

moneyIf you’re planning to buy a home in 2015; This week in the Press Democrat Real Estate Section, page R8, Mike Kelly’s bi-monthly column discusses the various ways for “find” your down payment.

Follow this link to find ALL of Mike’s articles including; Where to Find Your Down Payment for a Home

Down the Home Stretch: The Closing Process Explained.

Now that you’ve negotiated a contract, done your inspections and secured your loan, are you wondering what’s next?

Tune in to today’s show 9:00-10:00Am on 1350 AM or 103.5 FM KSRO. Streaming live at

Mike and Allison will be discussing the process as you head to the closing table.

Follow along as we dig a little deeper into part one of Mike’s Press Democrat 2 part series “Down the Home Stretch.”