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Prop 60 and 90 explained! Taking your old Property Tax with you!

Take your old property tax with you? Inter County or within? […]

Trust and Estates Attorney, Janne O’Neil, 20th Anniversary as Guest on our Show!!

Janne O’Neil guest this week celebrates 20 years coming on our radio show! […]

loan Originations running Wild! But ONLY 28% from the Peak.

The above graph shows total loan “originations”.

“A strong fourth quarter finish to the year pushed total 2016 origination volumes to the highest level seen in nine years,” said Graboske. “We’ve now seen nine consecutive quarters of double-digit purchase origination growth, and growth overall in the purchase market in 21 of the past 22 […]

Migration routes from San Francisco

Homebuyers migrating away from SF in general but those LEAVING Santa Clara for San Francisco increases. […]

What to know when using your self-directed IRA to hold Real Estate Investments

Investing in real estate with your self-directed IRA? Here’s how! […]

Purchasing Real Estate and other investments through your IRA or SEP IRA.

IRA Investor Specialist

Special show October 23rd for all investors and IRA or SEP IRA holders. Below is our guest speaker Bill Neville. Do you know you can buy investments THROUGH your IRA? Gain is NOT taxed? But there are procedures that absolutely MUST be adhered to. We’ll discuss this great program with […]

Know What the Seller wants—You can’t be the answer to their prayers—unless you KNOW what they’re praying for!

7 tips on gaining an edge when presenting your offer to a seller.

Know What the Seller wants—You can’t be the answer to their prayers—unless you KNOW what they’re praying for! Have an agreed to game plan for your purchase—what is the big WHY of your purchase? Bringing Seller or Seller’s agent to reality–Pricing—sometimes we […]

Meager Sales-last 5 years–Great Recession lingering

Above chart show the drop in inventory since 2011. Sales, meager over the past 5 years. show the lingering effects of the great bust and great “reccession”.


On The Radio today; Talking Defensible Space and Clayton Fire update with CAL-FIRE

CAL FIRE Battalion Chief, Kirk Van Wormer will be calling in with an update on the Lake County “Clayton Fire”, and we’ll discuss Defensible Space; What is it? Why is it important?

More on the show, including KW Open House Extravaganza, Interest Rate update, a look at the August market, and more. Join the fun at […]

Talking Septic Systems on The Ral Estate Hour August 8, 9-10AM

Curious about septic systems?? Here’s a little primer. Mike Treinen in studio today on The Real Estate Hour, talking Septic Systems. Tune in today 8/07/2016 9-10AM 1350AM, 103.5FM and live at and Facebook live!