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NEW!! Now COMPARE your current community to WHERE you are moving!

NEW!! Now COMPARE your current community to WHERE you are

Community Reports allow you to check on Population, Households, Housing, Transportation, Income, Employment, Net Worth, Cost of Living. Just put YOUR current zip code and the zip code of the new community and a full report will appear.


This is a great way to compare your current and new neighborhood….or, compare two different neighborhoods you and your family are considering.
Mike Kelly & Allison Norman
“The Kelly-Norman Team”

Cutting Edge Marketing-What ELSE would you expect from the Kelly-Norman Team? QR Codes For Real Estate!

No, this is NOT a new video game, real estate maze or flow chart on how my mine thinks! It is a QR Code. All you “hip” folks have already scanned it with your Iphone,Droid, Blackberry scanner “App” and now are viewing our listings ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE! We make these “QR CODES” for individual listings and place them on our marketing materials, For Sale Signs, etc. It allows a buyer WITH a mobile phone to view all of our lisitings FORMATTED PERFECTLY for the Mobile Device!! Very cool! Read more after you SCAN the QR CODE!

When Allison and I prepare our “Marketing Campaign” we use many tools to bring more buyers to the Seller’s Property. We now are employing the most cutting edge tools for real estate professionals on the market today. It is called Mobile Real Estate ID and allows The Kelly-Norman Team  to provide prospective buyers with a client’s property information 24/7 via text message. Continue reading Cutting Edge Marketing-What ELSE would you expect from the Kelly-Norman Team? QR Codes For Real Estate!

Getting a Property Tax Reassessment Due to a Decline in a Home’s Market Value

Why pay for a service when you can do it yourself?

By Tara-Nicholle Nelson, MA, Esq., | Published: 2/24/2009

Many homeowners are receiving offers for assistance in getting their property taxes reduced, sent by services purporting to specialize in reducing people’s property taxes. It is absolutely possible to have your property value reassessed and, accordingly, your taxes reduced due to a recent decline in market value. However, it is a very feasible DIY project — most homeowners do not need to hire a service to do this.

If you bought your home within the last three to four years, it is likely that your current assessed property value — the basis for your property taxes — is higher than the current market value of your home. And in many areas, the annual reassessment is an assumed, automatic increase in value, rather than an actual reevaluation of fair market value based on the factual market dynamics.

This situation is so common that many counties across the country have actually simplified the process of getting your property taxes temporarily reduced on the basis of the current market value. As such, a homeowner with some basic Web navigation skills can generally do the same things these property tax reduction services do — for free — and might even have an easier time dealing with the County. (Local government offices tend to be a little less rigid with homeowners than they are with hired guns.)

To get your property taxes reduced on the basis of the recent decline in market value: Continue reading Getting a Property Tax Reassessment Due to a Decline in a Home’s Market Value

Facebook and Twitter Security Alerts! Tips and Tricks!




With all of the talk about Twitter’s melt-down and wave of account suspensions, social networkers are worried about viruses and phishing scams more than ever. In fact, according to Fortinet, a firewall systems provider, June 2009 had the “highest rate of phishing attacks to date” on the Web. So, what should you avoid and how can you secure your account? Learn more.


“Phishing” is when a fraudulent operation poses as a legitimate Website or service in order to steal your personal information. They can appear to be a legitimate Website or even a partner with your social network (Facebook quizzes for example), but you need to be aware before offering your password to any sites. Use the following tips to stay safe in the world of Web 2.0.


Security Tips for Twitter:

  • Just because you get a Direct Message (or DM) saying “Check out this cool website” doesn’t mean you should. Twitter recently alerted its users that they had uncovered a phishing scam, where a link to a fake Twitter login page was sent through the direct message feature. The purpose of the scam was to steal user login and passwords.
  • Be wary of sites outside of Twitter that ask for your Twitter username and password. Although we all want to know our Twitter “rank” or might want to take a Twitter quiz, recently many people have had their accounts compromised by these sites. 


Security Tips for Facebook:

  • Be aware of generic posts or messages similar to this: “Hey, did you read what this blog says about you? I think you should read it.” Or, “I saw your profile picture on this website, you look great! Check it out.” Each of these sample messages also included a link with a virus. Don’t click!
  • Remember that third-party applications and quizzes are just that, third party. Most were not created by Facebook. Always read the fine print before adding them to your page or profile.


General Security Tips:

  • Use a different password for each site you use. This will save you a lot of trouble if one of your accounts is compromised. 
  • When a link takes you to sign-in on a familiar site, always look at the URL to make sure that the site is legitimate and not a phishing clone. Phishers count on us not to double check links from our trusted friends, sources and sites