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Mike Kelly, Auctioneer, donates his time and talent to the Laguna Foundation’s Garden Art Gala Live Auction

Today at the Laguna Foundation’s 8th annual Garden Art Gala, Mike worked the crowd of enthusiastic bidders, kept the guests entertained…and the bids a comin’.  It was a great event, and a great turn out to raise money for a worthy cause. The Laguna Foundation is dedicated to keeping the Laguna de Santa Rosa a great Sonoma County treasures for future generations. The event was held at the beautiful Vinehill House and Event Center.

Donate to the “Tree-A-Thon” for the Laguna De Santa Rosa restoration!

The Tree-A-Thon is a “Win Win!”

We are restoring riparian forest on Irwin Creek just upstream from where it empties into the Laguna and at the same time raising needed funds to support our programs.  Restoring riparian forests increases wildlife habitat, improves water quality and temperature, and mitigates global climate change.  Your donation will support not only this Restoration Program event but our Education and Conservation Science programs as well.

 Ready to Donate to the Tree-A-Thon?

It is easy.  You can go to our Firstgiving Page and donate directly to the Tree-A-Thon or you can sponsor one our great fundraisers.  Go to:

 Or go to our main donation page and select Tree-A-Thon from the program list: donate now

Prefer the US Mail?  Just fill out and complete the  Pledge Card and mail it in.

  Thanks again.

  David Bannister, Executive Director

(707) 527-9277 ext. 103  

The Heart of the Tree
by Henry Cuyler Bunner (verse three)

What does he plant who plants a tree?          
He plants, in sap and leaf and wood,
In love of home and loyalty
And far-cast thought of civic good —
His blessing on the neighborhood
Who in the hollow of His hand
Holds all the growth of all our land —
A nation’s growth from sea to sea
Stirs in his heart who plants a tree.


Today’s Show! Laguna Foundation–David Bannister on why we need to preseve the Laguna De Santa Rosa!

Below is from a series of emails I’ve had with David Bannister, our guest today on the Real Estate Hour, as we delve into the large eco-system many of us just call “the laguna”. Over 250 square miles, this vital eco-system provides flood control and supports a diverse, intricate eco-system of wetlands, forests and all sorts of winged creatures big and small plus many a critter! I’ll let David give us a thorough explanation of one of Sonoma  County’s Natural Resources!  We will be talking about their annual “Tree-a-Thon” where hundreds of trees are planted to aid in the restoration of the Laguna. To make a DONATION click HERE!

Today, thanks to the efforts of the Laguna Foundation and others, people are starting to realize that the “purposes” the Laguna has been put to over the last 160 years by humans are not the only purposes of an ecosystem. We try to make people realize that natural systems like the Laguna provide a  host of ecosystem services to humans:

  • Flood protection-It is estimate that the 1964 Guerneville flood would have been 40 feet higher if not for the Laguna holding water back and releasing it slowly to the Russian.
  • Carbon sequestration in riparian forests  –Hence the Treeathon? Let’s also make sure we explain these concepts in listener friendly terms! But I find this very intriguing that this great bio-mass called the Laguna, in a very healthy state, would aid in slowing global warming.
  • Natural beauty and the ecotourism that follows—What are all those cars doing parked there? I never see anyone but the cars are always around the bridge? Docent led trips? Fisherman?
  • Wildlife habitat and some of that wildlife becomes food sources- Salmon/steelhead, deer, waterfowl, etc. Is the CTS in this mix? Continue reading Today’s Show! Laguna Foundation–David Bannister on why we need to preseve the Laguna De Santa Rosa!

Before Starting Your Next Home Improvement Project….Think “ReStore”

ReStore has moved into their new diggs off of Piner at Industrial.  If you liked their tiny home off of Cleveland, you’ll be thrilled at all the space they now have. If you’ve never been, you really should stop in and peruse their goodies before heading off to the home improvent stores.  Wondering what to do with all those project extras?…. This is the place !

What is ReStore?

ReStore is a home improvement outlet store that sells donated, new, used, and surplus goods to the public at a greatly reduced prices. Every penny of profit is used to support Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County.

ReStore also accepts donations of most “Home Improvement” type items. Call for a list of items they cannot accept.

What is Habitat?

Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County is dedicated to improving lives by building modest, affordable homes in Sonoma County. Volunteers from the community and the families who will live in these affordable houses build them together. Our vision is for every person in Sonoma County to have a simple, decent place to live.

Learn more about Habitat for Humanity at their main website:

Farmer’s Markets blooming with the Season–17 Farmer’s Markets for Sonoma County

17 Sonoma County farm markets to choose from! Thanks to the Press Democrat for compiling these! Spring is the season for Farmer’s Markets! Nothing anchors us to our area more than to see the bounty of our very fertile county spread out before you in a horn of plenty at a local Farmer’s Market. Just add the creativity of our citizens and chefs and PRANG! Great eats!

Published in the Press Democrat: Saturday, May 15, 2010 at 3:00 a.m.

  1. Cotati Farmers Market, 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursdays, June 3 through September at La Plaza Park, Old Redwood Highway and West Sierra Avenue. 795-5508.
  2. Duncans Mills Farmers Market, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays, late May through Continue reading Farmer’s Markets blooming with the Season–17 Farmer’s Markets for Sonoma County

Pacific Coast Builders Conference–Debuting of “HybridCore Home” –Alternatives to New Homes in Sonoma County, California

Alternatives to New Homes in Sonoma County,California — Debuting of the “HybridCore Home” CaliforniaPacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC )HybridecoreImages

PCBC is a community of builders and manufacturers, building scientists and architects, environmental engineers and landscape companies, working together to advance the art and science of community building. Started 50 years ago as the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, PCBC brings together people creating better communities, imagining and building the places where we love to live.

HybridCore Home to Debut at PCBC

PCBC takes pride in advancing the art and science of community building and will continue that tradition in 2010 with the unveiling of an exciting new home building paradigm designed to cut costs while providing the utmost in quality and efficiency. HybridCore Homes has chosen PCBC 2010 as the debut showcase for their new HybridCore Home, which promises to shake up the industry at its very core. Continue reading Pacific Coast Builders Conference–Debuting of “HybridCore Home” –Alternatives to New Homes in Sonoma County, California

Our Two Contractor Guests–Ron Dorris and John Sutter Contact Information

Two of Sonoma County’s best contractors and our “Energy Guys” for this year. Here is their contact information:

Ron Dorris, Ron Dorris Electric: 707-578-0678  or Full Service Electrical Contractor specializing in Solar Applications through the SCEIP program.

John Sutter: ABS (Applied Building Science) Building Performance Contractor–For Energy related construction, applications and auditing. 707-528-3468

Going Green this Sunday! SCEIP—Sonoma County Energy Independence Program

“Sonoma County Energy Independence Program” will  kick off the “Green” year of 2010 this Sunday on the Real Estate Hour. Allison Norman, long a “greenie” and neighborhood leader, plus co-host, will be discussing the SCEIP program which stands for “Sonoma County Energy Independence Program”.  We will be featuring trusted contractor’s approved for the program plus auditors to determine WHAT your house may need to bring you increased energy efficiency. The “Green” will also equate to some “Green” in your pockets!! To view the program report and administrative guidelines click here!

Here are some points on the program:

SCEIP—Sonoma County Energy Independence Program

NOT a “point of sale” program

  1. Voluntary Contractual Assessment Program—AB811 authorizing Cities/counties.
  2. Must be permanently affixed to res,comm.,industrial property
  3. Request and Consent of the property owners—Energy AND Water Conservation
  4. Payable semi-annual installments with Prop. Tax Bill
  5. Serves Multi-faceted Purpose: provides homeowner energy/water conservation to reduce utility bills, boosts local economy—contractors to work, allows Son Cty to fulfill energy/water/climate protection commitments
  6. Goal-Cities within & SonCty—reduce greenhouse gas emission 25% below 1990 levels by 2015.
  7. Program financing—no money down, fixed rate financing, over a number of years. Rate now at 7%.
  8. Requirements: Property vested in applicants, Curent on taxes, not in bankruptcy, current on mortgage, Improvements “reasonable to prop. Value”, not exceed 10% of assessed value
  9. Covers: Water Conservation-low flow toilets, tankless water heaters, irrigation controllers, Energy—windows/doors, attic insulation, HVAC equip, Solar—solar energy generation/solar hot water systems
  10. Onsite survey by hiring a “Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS) rater. Cost included in the application for financing
  11. Commercial properties qualify similarly.
  12. Min Financing amt: Min–$2,500.00. 10-20 year assessment repayment period $5,000 below. No “Cap”. However, cost exceeding $60,000 will need approval of the “Program Administrator. Excess of $500,000 need Board of Supervisor’s approval.
  13. County initial outlay–$45,000 Bond money.
  14. Go to: for application. Or call: 707-521-6200 or email: for all the details.