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Radio Show group shot! Our “staff” which puts on the weekly Show!

Engineer and "Sports Guy" Joe Pasquini, Mike and Allison--The "Staff"!
Engineer and "Sports Guy" Joe Pasquini, Mike and Allison--The "Staff"!

 Many of you have emailed us asking for a “group” shot of the “Sports-guy”,  our engineer, phone operator, board operator and all around good guy Joe Pasquini. We had the “world-renowned” Jean Von Trende, photographer to the stars,  in studio today shooting some promos for us and she snapped this one of us all getting ready to interview our great guest today, Linda Green, Bankruptcy Attorney. Joe’s the guy “behind the board” in the blue  shirt. I’m in the back next to Alli. Doesn’t Joe “LOOK” just like his VOICE!! And Alli is as lovely as hers!

Why…or Why not, to consider buying a condo.

Picture 005Allison answers one of our  Listener Question answered.


 “I’m thinking about buying a condo.  I am looking for a condo complex with a pool and a gym on site .  Are there any condo complexes in Cotati, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa or Windsor that have these amenities?  How do I find them?  Nothing I have found advertised on the internet had a pool, and only one had a gym.  Are there realtors who deal just with condos and wont try to talk me into buying a house?  Thanks for any help you can give. Love your show.”

Alli’s Answer:— Thanks for listening to the show. We love hearing from our listeners.
I’ve pulled up a list of condos in the areas you asked about.  All of them have a pool.  Some have a pool and tennis courts. Only two specify a pool AND gym. Without knowing your criteria, or price point, the results are varied….from under $200,000 to the mid $300,000s, 2 to 3 bedrooms. With more information I can fine tune a search for you. Continue reading Why…or Why not, to consider buying a condo.