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The Forgotton Entrance – Is your Front Door Welcoming?

Sunday, May 26, 2013 – Sonoma County, Ca.

Creating a welcoming front entrance can add to your home’s curb appeal, desirability and value.  Your front door is the first impression your visitors (and potential buyers) get of your home. Make sure it’s a good one.

Your front entrance should be;

Welcoming; Your guest begin developing an opinion of your home as soon as they pull up to the curb.

Obvious ; Don’t make guests wonder which entrance they should approach

Light; Not just the front door, but also the path leading them there.

Safe; High fences and tall bushes can become a hiding place behind which to lurk. Make sure your guests feel safe at your front door.

Start at the curb. look at your entrance.  Walk the path your guests will use several times and think about the experience.  Is it Welcoming, Obvious, light and Safe? If not, make some changes.


What’s So Special About Foreclosure Radar?? …and Who Spilled All the M&M’s ?

 The standard market analysis is simply an estimate of value, of current competitive listings and recent Solds but what it lacks is critical, as it  is one of the most important elements….THE FUTURE. When should you put your home on the market?? If you knew that a seller was getting ready to put a home on the market at a price that might drastically reduce the value of your home, would you wait….or would you try to beat that home to the market? In this case, timing is everything! Hence WHY we use Foreclosure Radar to read the future!

(Above, Santa Rosa,Calfifornia as of February 2011–The “P”‘s are Pre-foreclosure with Notice of Defaults filed,  “A”‘s stand for Auction or a “sales date by the lender” has been set, “B”s stand for “Bank Owned” or after foreclosure) Continue reading What’s So Special About Foreclosure Radar?? …and Who Spilled All the M&M’s ?