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Bee Extraction? Bees in your Belfrey? Between your walls or Floors?! Chris Conrad, Bee Expert, will remove them! No SPRAY!!

Sonoma County, California–Occasionally a homeowner will call our Sonoma County Bee Association looking for someone to remove a “swarm” of bees from a tree, bush, etc and this can be done by most Beekeepers. But removing a Hive of bees from your attic, between walls or floor joists you need the expert help of Chris […]

Le Tour De Hive–Father’s day fun for the whole family!! Touring Hives throughout Sonoma County!

Our “Le Tour De Hive” is stressing making our event a Family Affair! So WHAT does the  $40 family pass get you? Our Family Pass is the entry fee for the entire family to visit 6 different sites in the Western part of Sonoma County. At each site there will be various activities all of […]

A “Honey” of a tale–Ancient tale of the Virgin “White-Bees’!!

The following ancient tale of  the magical effects of bees I pass along courtesy of : “The Guide to Beekeeping for Adults and Kids”

Here’s the link to the site. It’s full of interesting links and information on my favorite subject (besides Real Estate)–BEES!

The tales usually involve a lovely woman–but don’t […]

The “Real Estate Hour” team at Quarry Hill Botanicals “Earth-Day” Event-As bee keepers

Sonoma County Bee Keeper’s Association celebrates “Earth-Day” with two booths in Sonoma County. Here Mike and Allison are at the “Quarry Hill Botanical Garden” celebration on Saturday. Sunday, “Earth-Day” our Association also was participating at the big “main-even” downtown Santa Rosa! Saturday was really HOT! This photo, shot at the end of the day, captures […]

Honey Bee Swarm Season–My first “swarm” of the year–Read WHAT TO DO when you encounter some Honey Bees!

First thing you want to do is keep my cell phone number handy and ON your speed dial: 707-322-8503. I’ll come a runnin’ and give them a new home. Here’s photos of my first swarm capture of the season: Two photos to the left are of the bees as they enter the “Swarm box”. This […]