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Bee Extraction? Bees in your Belfrey? Between your walls or Floors?! Chris Conrad, Bee Expert, will remove them! No SPRAY!!

Sonoma County, California–Occasionally a homeowner will call our Sonoma County Bee Association looking for someone to remove a “swarm” of bees from a tree, bush, etc and this can be done by most Beekeepers. But removing a Hive of bees from your attic, between walls or floor joists you need the expert help of Chris Conrad. For swarms cal me–Mike Kelly 707-322-8503 but for those bees who have set up house between walls, floor joists, ext. call Chris: 415-350-5700

Below are samples of some of his major “Extractions” of bees from households:

Le Tour De Hive–Father’s day fun for the whole family!! Touring Hives throughout Sonoma County!

Our “Le Tour De Hive” is stressing making our event a Family Affair! So WHAT does the  $40 family pass get you? Our Family Pass is the entry fee for the entire family to visit 6 different sites in the Western part of Sonoma County. At each site there will be various
activities all of which are covered by this fee…  The time is from 10 AM to 3PM… Our website, gives you the map of the 6 different locations but I will attempt to give you an idea of the various things that the family can do at the various sites…..

 These activities will be great for the entire family…all ages….

• observation hives so that you can watch the bees from a protected place. They are enclosed by a plastic cover….

• SCBA volunteers at each site to explain why each site was chosen: ie gardening for the bees, importance of bees,  beekeeping
equipment, products made from honeybees such as candles etc.. etc • volunteers to explain various aspects of the life of the honeybees. such as their biology and anatomy; colony collapse etc • explanations about the flowers and vegetation that the honeybees like such as lavender plants (which will be in full bloom) • tasting honey at one site and pear juice at another site (organic pear juice made on the farm).

• There will be free organic Straus ice cream at one site and also at all sites water and fruit at each site • A father’s day gift at
each site ( and if no Father then to one family member); a gift such as a lavender herb rub for bar-b-que…. or seed packets, etc • At the seed bank there will be different movies shown about the Honeybees ie “Vanishing of the bees”  The family could watch one of the movies or all of them; there will be a posting of the times the movies will be shown….

There is ample parking at or near all sites and we will have balloon markers so it should be easy to find the sites. …We are hoping
for a beautiful day. I  hope this explanation helps…. Here is the website but you are more than welcome to send
any questions to me.

Coming up THIS Father’s Day, June 17th, visit some of our great local farms and their apiaries or bee hives! We have 5 farms on the schedule and you’ll get a special treat for “Dad” at EACH one! I’m sponsoring the event along with other businesses and want a big turn out! Here’s a link to get more information.  CLICK RIGHT HERE!

A “Honey” of a tale–Ancient tale of the Virgin “White-Bees’!!

The following ancient tale of  the magical effects of bees I pass along courtesy of : “The Guide to Beekeeping for Adults and Kids”

Here’s the link to the site. It’s full of interesting links and information on my favorite subject (besides Real Estate)–BEES!

The tales usually involve a lovely woman–but don’t ALL good tales begin with a love woman!? Enjoy!

There are similar tales in Indonesia. The Bornean version, quoted in The Mythology of All Races (Vol. IX), is as follows:

A man named Rakian was out hunting for honey, when in the top of a
mangis tree he saw many bees’ nests, in one of which were white bees.
(Several Christian legends allude to snow-white bees producing virginal
honey.) Since white bees were a rarity, he carefully removed the nest
and took it home. The next day he was working in his garden and when he
returned to his house in the evening he found a meal cooked for him. He
was surprised because he lived alone. The following day the same thing
occurred, his meal was again cooked. This continued for some time.
Finally he resolved to investigate the mystery.

Continue reading A “Honey” of a tale–Ancient tale of the Virgin “White-Bees’!!

The “Real Estate Hour” team at Quarry Hill Botanicals “Earth-Day” Event-As bee keepers

Sonoma County Bee Keeper’s Association celebrates “Earth-Day” with two booths in Sonoma County. Here Mike and Allison are at the “Quarry Hill Botanical Garden” celebration on Saturday. Sunday, “Earth-Day” our Association also was participating at the big “main-even” downtown Santa Rosa! Saturday was really HOT! This photo, shot at the end of the day, captures our mood and heat index!!

Mike and Alli, end of day and very warm!



Honey Bee Swarm Season–My first “swarm” of the year–Read WHAT TO DO when you encounter some Honey Bees!

First thing you want to do is keep my cell phone number handy and ON your speed dial: 707-322-8503. I’ll come a runnin’ and give them a new home. Here’s photos of my first swarm capture of the season: Two photos to the left are of the bees as they enter the “Swarm box”. This is a portable “hive” and acts to collect a field swarm of bees. Two middle photos are of Barbara Jo Alois, my bee mentor, and I transferring the swarm to their permanent home (I hope!) which is a traditional Langstroth hive configuration. Final picture to the right is the hive all secure with a new colony of bees.

If you have sighted a swarm of honey bees, or have bees in your house or other structure, please read the following information before calling a beekeeper on the list:

  • PLEASE DO NOT SPRAY THE BEES WITH ANYTHING. Especially insecticides, but do not even spray them with water. This is endangering the bees, yourself and the beekeeper.
  • Ensure you are dealing with honey bees and not another beneficial insect.
  • Please do not ask a beekeeper to take care of a yellow jacket problem – unless specifically licensed for pest control, a beekeeper cannot legally address pest issues. Please contact a licensed pest control operation for that.