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Getting a Property Tax Reassessment Due to a Decline in a Home’s Market Value

Why pay for a service when you can do it yourself?

By Tara-Nicholle Nelson, MA, Esq., | Published: 2/24/2009

Many homeowners are receiving offers for assistance in getting their property taxes reduced, sent by services purporting to specialize in reducing people’s property taxes. It is absolutely possible to have your property value reassessed […]

This weeks show…filling in for Mike; Pete Phillippe and Allison Norman

This week Mike is off wading in a river somewhere near Trinity, or floating on the lake…fishing pole in hand no doubt. A much deserved vacation!

So, while Mike’s away…Pete Phillippe and I will try to fill his shoes.  We’ll keep it true to form…interesting, informative…and fun. Pete, a veteran of the show, and a long time Sonoma […]

First time Home buyer Tax Credit is coming to an end….???

The $8000.00 First time home buyer tax credit is set to expire on Nov 30th, 2009. This is the date you will need to CLOSE ESCROW if you wish to claim the credit. With escrows taking at least 30 days to close…and often more, you should have an accepted offer in escrow no later than […]

How do I get the bank to pay closing costs on an REO???

The following is an answer to a question I received regarding Buyer closing credits in an REO.

Q;  How do I get the bank to pay closing costs in an REO?

A; There was a time in the last few years that an all cash “low-ball” offer could beat out higher financed offers.  But, In […]

The Buying Game: How to Avoid 9 Costly Mistakes!

Allison Norman, Realtor

The Buying Game: How to Avoid

9 Costly Mistakes!

The Wrong House: Too Big, Too Small? Too much land? Fixer-upper (what’s a hammer?) Define your current and future needs now before you buy? Imminent retirement, on the road a lot, teens leaving the roost? Bidding on […]

Looking forward to sharing my insights.

I’m thrilled to be able to add my thoughts and insights to Mike’s Blog.  I will be posting my personal insight into this market with a unique perspectuive as a home-owner struggling along with the masses.  I’ll also throw in occasional tidbits of information  and resources gathered from my community involvement with the City of Santa […]

Keller Williams #1 Amongst Buyers in National Poll!

JD Powers Consumer Ratings company announced that Keller Williams Realty has been rated #1 with Buyers in the United States! Click on the blue #1 with Buyers to go to my folder showing our award winning information!

Latest Sales Numbers for July Median down ONLY 10%!

July Median DOWN ONLY 10%! Sales Hit 500! […]

Welcome Back to my radio show’s blog!

  Once again I have a blog to post the comings and goings of my weekly Radio Show heard EVERY Sunday, 9 to 10am, PST, on the “News and Talk” of Sonoma County and the NorthBay, 1350AM, KSRO. As we had previously, I will post show recaps and eventually do some “podcasts” and “videos” of […]