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“Oldie but a Goodie” guest this week is Pete Phillippe! Our Loan Guy! Back by popular demand. What’s new Pete?

Friday rates provided by Pete Phillippe!   This Sunday’s “Oldie but a Goodie” guest!  

Contact Pete at: 888-305-2473 or 481-2737

Much stronger then expected economic news. Stock market up, retail sales up 1.3% ,twice the forecasted amount. Consumers spent a lot more than was thought last month. If consumers are spending [...]

Real Estate Radio Show in Sonoma County now has a Smart Email Address for our Listeners to Shoot us an email on air! NodumbQuestion@gmail.com

The first thing when Allison and I consult with a new client is to state there is NO DUMB QUESTION when it comes to Sonoma County real estate. The same holds true when we are ON AIR with the radio show! Never feel your questions will be dished! There is NO DUMB QUESTION! just one needing an [...]

James Falcone, attorney, on Short-Sales, Loan Modifiers in Sonoma County!

Short Sales the topic of discussion tomorrow on The Real Estate Hour, KSRO, 1350AM, 9 o 10am PST. Or at www.ksro.comWe have attorney James Falcone speaking from Sacramento on Senate Bill 306 which at first blush makes many promises to those seeking a short sale but upon further review has some interesting “Thresholds” for lender [...]

Santa Rosa Real Estate Interest Rates! Mike Kelly’s Real Estate Show!

Pete’s BAAAAAAACK!! Here is our Lender Guy’s interest rates up date as of December 4, 2009  which we call ”Pete’s  Friday  rates !” Can you say 38 years low!!     The Fed’s beige book reported improved economic conditions in eight out of the twelve regions and was optimistic about overall economic activity.  Mr.  Lacker of the Federal [...]

Sonoma County-Social Media Revolution! You’ve GOT to watch this video!

Here in high tech Sonoma County, Califoria, the population is pretty well “connected” Watch this Social Media Revolution video  at http://tiny.cc/GlSBG  as it demonstrates WHY the Realtor of today needs to embrace social media! Why am I and Allison on many social networking sites? We realize the buyer and seller coming into this, the greatest BUYER’S [...]