A cool concept in lodging is catching on…

As reported in the Press Democrat on Sunday. “Renting Rooms To Travelers”. Visit the website www.airbnb.com.  Need extra money, rent a room nightly to travelers….need cheap lodging and immersion in the local scene, rent a room from a local resident when you travel…great idea! Now..if I could only find the time to travel ;-/ 

 Cardigan, United Kingdom $35/night
Cardigan, United Kingdom $35/night


New email is catching on. We love to answer your questions….keep ’em coming.


When Mike and I meet with new clients we want them to be completely comfortable with the whole process of buying and/or selling a home. One of the first things we tell them is that there is no such thing as a dumb question in real estate.  So, when creating an email for our Radio Show listeners, we didn’t have to search very far for the name; NoDumbQuestion@gmail.com   We love to answer your questions…. It keeps us on our toes 😉 So, bring on those questions you’ve been afraid to ask (we promise not to laugh….or roll our eyes)  because there really are no dumb questions.

When Life Hands You Lemons…..Clean the House ??

Lemons are NOT just for Lemonade. Lemons offer multiple purposes around the home and are perfect for green cleaning solutions! Lemons are great to use as cleaning agents because they have an anti-bacterial effect and are thought to contain antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties.

If you are the DIY’er and like to make your own green cleaners, here are 5 uses for lemon to try the next time your ready to freshen-up the house!
  • Microwave cleaning- Have stains or odors in the microwave? Heat a bowl of water and lemon slices in your microwave for 1 minute; then wipe out. Stains will be easier to remove and old food odors neutralized.
  • Toilet cleaning- Mix 1/2 cup borax and a cup of lemon juice for a toilet cleaner that will leave the toilet cleaning and smelling fresh.
  • Glass cleaning- Mix 4 tablespoons of lemon juice with half a gallon of water to make an effective green window cleaner.
  • Fridge cleaning- Half of lemon stored in the refrigerator will help control unpleasant smells.
  • Kitchen drains- Hot lemon juice and baking soda is a good drain cleaner that is safe to use in septic systems. If you have a garbage disposal, toss in some lemon peels occasionally  to keep it smelling fresh.

10 tips to keep your remodeling project on the right track

If you have ever done any home remodelling you know all about the headaches, stress and possible marital discourse that can result from the chaos. The last thing you need is an added “issue” with your contractor.

The following is a great list of suggestions from the League of California Homeowners that should help.

  1. Hire only licensed contractors! Check the contractor’s license number by calling the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) at (800) 321-2752. If you have Internet access, you can check out a license and visit the CSLB at: http://www.cslb.ca.gov/
  2. Hire insured contractors! Always insist upon Continue reading 10 tips to keep your remodeling project on the right track

California Battered by Rain-Sonoma County Neighbors! Here’s WHERE to get SandBags!

In California MORE RAIN forecast! Sonoma County neighbors; If flood waters are lapping at your door, here are a few locations offering FREE sandbags. City of Santa Rosa Municipal Building 55 Stony Point Rd. , Forestville Fire Station, and Friedmans Home Improvement. Stay safe and dry.

  Mike here–having grown up in Guerneville during some of the great floods, one great lesson I learned when looking at homes up in my old home town–NEVER buy a home under a Redwood Tree with a big brown stain ring about 20 feet up! Yes, it floods!

The Kelly/Norman Team is seeing “green” this year.

This year Mike and I will be digging a little deeper into the many ways to reduce our “Carbon Footprint”. As Kermit the Frog always said, “It’s not easy being Green” but it is getting easier. We’ll be exploring the many ways you can do your part…..and also some things to avoid.  

Beware of  “Greenwashing” …. loosely defined as exaggerate claims to be true “Green Solutions”  in order to sell or promote a product, service, or business..

The first in our series of “green shows” will be sure to answer many of your questions. It will air on January 17, 2009. More details to follow. Please feel free to send in your questions before or during the show to NoDumbQuestion@gmail.com.

Sonoma County,California Buyers-Underwriting is changing-get “RE-PreApproved”!!

Sonoma County Homebuyers! New Underwriting updates for 2010, of “things to come” By Pete Phillippe 707-481-2737

Buyers for Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park,Cotati,Sebastopol, all up and down the Hwy 101 Corridor–if you HAD been pre-approved for a loan a couple of months back? YOU NEED to get your lender to say you pass the NEW underwriting guidelines imposed on you now in 2010!

  Our lending guy, Pete, has put together an update on the revised guidelines. We hope you find it helpful!

You will always get the best possible interest rates if the middle fico is 740 or above , have a impound account for taxes and insurance and keep the loan to value at 75% or less. This is true for an owner occupied or investment property, 1 to 4 units. Loan above $662,250, look for 25% down and 2 appraisals of the property . . . . Or certainly a appraisal review of the first one done   Continue reading Sonoma County,California Buyers-Underwriting is changing-get “RE-PreApproved”!!

Another Beautiful Sonoma County Morning
















Sunday morning at Spring Lake….A cool crisp morning….fog gives way to the morning sun….an amazing view… just a few more reasons to appreciate this beautiful area we live in.

What better way to start the new year. Sonoma County is full of great spots to hike. From neighborhood trails, to mountain waterfalls, to lakes and rivers…and even a walk on the beach. Get out and EXPLORE!
The city of Santa Rosa website has county park information and a map of local creek paths…great for hiking or biking.