FSBO’s–6 Reasons to choose Mike and Allison to Sell Your House here in Sonoma County, California!


Here are six reasons you might consider using The Kelly & Noman Team to sell your House:

1. We can SELL your house for more money. According to a National Assoc. of Realtors report, a FSBO home sold for $153,000, while a Realtor generated assisted sales sold for $211,000

2. We do this full-time. Often FSBOs don’t recognize how many hours a Realtor spends selling a home. Pre-marketing, advising on the right strategy for marketing, using our years of experience through 3 such “corrected” markets, pricing to “lead the market” and representing YOU in all negotiations equates to a big work week! Why do we work so hard? To get you the highest price, with the least amount of hassles in the shortest amount of time!

3. Our  market knowledge is second to none! We provide the detailed information you need to price the home competitively. Setting the right price is listed as the third most difficult problem FSBOs have in selling their own homes, according to a study by NAR.

4. We understand how to complete all the contracts, forms and disclosure statements required and also know the time-frames, techniques and right people to get the job done right and on time!

5. We are  objective about your  house, as well as negotiate and overcome buyer objections. You most likely have emotional attachments to your house. Balancing offers and counteroffers, as well as handling the contingencies that usually occur, can be overwhelming and scary for a homeowner/seller but for us the load isn’t heavy at all nor disconcerting.

6. We  help buyers locate the best financing. All of our preferred lenders are experienced in helping buyers locate the right financing and select between fixed, adjustable, or balloon mortgages. The complexity of mortgage financing requires a trusted relationship between the Realtor and their Lender of choice. Our lenders DO NOT let us and YOU down!

  But try it yourself for a few weeks and YOU make the decision. And if you need some help along the way give us a call. We don’t want to see you get into any trouble down the path of home selling!

Sonoma County, California-Permit Consulting Pro-Tom Havstad Joins us Today! Let HIM run interference for you at the County of Sonoma!

Tom will be joining Allison and I in discussing the complex and very nuanced dance one performs with the PRMD (Permit Resource Management Division). He knows this “process” very well and is the perfect foil to the frustrating and time consuming permit process. Be it “legalizing” an addition or extra unit or overseeing the contruction of a new home–Tom’s “Da Man” for you!

ConstructionphotoThe Building Permit Process for Legalizing Unpermitted Work

How to research the history of a property,How can I prove that work was done legally if no permits can be found? Plus the following. See his complete list of serves below plus bio!

Keeping our Current Economic Plight in Context; Remember 1992?

  A friend of mine sent me this blast from the past. One needs to keep the current economic conditions in context and perspective. Remember Edmund Burke’s warning:

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”

Back in 1992, an article in Time Magazine included this quote from market analyst Dennis Gartman:  “The US economy remains almost comatose. The slump already ranks as the longest period of sustained weakness since the Depression. The economy is staggering under many “structural” burdens, as opposed to familiar “cyclical” problems. The structural faults represent once-in-a-lifetime dislocations that will take years to work out. Among them: the job drought; the debt hangover; the banking collapse; the real estate depression; the health care cost explosion and the runaway federal deficit.”  Continue reading Keeping our Current Economic Plight in Context; Remember 1992?

Sonoma County Harvest Fair Gala Tickets NOW on Sale!

  Good friend and Fair Board member, wants everyone to remember the “Sonoma County Harvest Fair’s Awards Night Gala” is happening once again come this September 25, Saturday, 7 to 9:30pm! This is one of the “hottest” tickets to grab! So get some for friends, clients and your spouse and go rub elbows with fellow imbibers and have a great time! This is what Sonoma Wine Country is all about!

The Hottest Ticket in Sonoma County!
The Hottest Ticket in Sonoma County!

Vacation Rental Discussion–Spending $100.00 for a two-bit problem? Join our Discussion. Realtor Kyla Brooke Joins us.

kyla_brookeVacation Rentals–The new hot topic in Sonoma County appears to be Vacation Rentals and the New Vacation Rental Ordinance. Passion runs high on both sides of the discussion.

 Here are a few facts that may help to put the issue into perspective:

 The county has approximately 640-registered vacation rentals in Sonoma County outside of the Coastal Zone, (which is not currently being considered in the proposed Ordinance.) The County collects 11% TOT tax on all of vacation rentals, making over 1 million dollars per year.  Per PRMD here is the breakdown of Vacation Rentals in the districts:

 1srt District has144; 2nd District has 1, 3rd District has 5; 4th District has 71; 5th District has 419 (that’s 65%!) outside of the Coastal Zone. Our little West County area suddenly has a big piece of the pie. Vacation Rentals are a major part of the economy in the Russian River. With 65% of the revenue, we might well expect at some point to see some of this passed back to West County in terms of services. Continue reading Vacation Rental Discussion–Spending $100.00 for a two-bit problem? Join our Discussion. Realtor Kyla Brooke Joins us.

Come and Honor Richard Lease–This Sunday! Realtors have relied on his Expertise for Years! Thanks Richard!

Open House to honor Richard Lease,Sunday,Aug 22nd,Time: Noon to 5pm! Ann,Rocky Harris Home-13340 Frati Lane,Seb. RSVP to Melissa 824-4288  Open House Style-bring an appetizer!! See Invite below. Richard has provided Septic Inspections to the real estate community for many, many years. He is retiring from his work and it is time to honor him and have some fun recounting his “presentation style” as he informed city slickers that yes, everything that goes down the toilet stays “on site”!! Many folks couldn’t really get their mind around that concept but Richard, with his charm and whit, got them to understand HOW this works and why it is perfectly safe! Come by Ann and Rocky’s, bring an appetizer, open house style-come and go, linger, share a laugh with Richard, thank him!


Sales down 21% for July….But if you’re a Real Estate Hour listener, you already knew that.

8/18/2010. Santa Rosa, Ca

Robert Digitale, reporter for the Press Democrat, sat in this week at the Santa Rosa Chapter of Realtor’s weekly Breakfast meeting. He does a great job covering the local real estate market.  In his blog, Robert reported that the county recorded 355 single-family home sales in July, compared to 451 in June….a 21 percent drop!!   In a quote from Robert’s blog, “Sellers need to sharpen their pencils,” said Mike Kelly, an agent with Keller Williams Realty in Santa Rosa …But, like I said, if you’re a Real Estate Hour listener, you already knew that too. To read the full article click here

Commercial defaults and foreclosures are on the rise….Live/work buildings have not escaped the squeeze.

As more and more Santa Rosans embrace the idea of walkable downtown neighborhoods, one would think commercial businesses would be rushing to get on board. This is the idea behind the many live/work buildings that  popped up in the mid 2000’s . It’s a great idea, but getting tenants into the commercial units has become increasingly difficult.

Just as in the residential market, many commercial property owners have found themselves “under-water”….and in most cases, without much simpathy from their lenders. In commercial real estate, the vacancy rate is a huge factor. According to an article in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, the apartment market is 20 times stronger than the retail market. Due in large part to the many previous home owners who have entered the rental market .  There is, however, some optimism from Santa Rosa builder Hugh Futrell, owner of three live/work projects in the downtown area, who sees the Santa Rosa core as a stronger commercial market then some other areas. 

 While residential real estate financing has tightened its belt, commercial financing has virtually dried up… Just one more turning of the screw for commercial real estate.  Mike and I have seen this first hand with live/work buildings we’ve listed and  sold , as well as commercial buyers we’re currently working with. These days , if you’re looking to buy commercial property…even if it is considered live/work….and, even if you intend to live there…you better have CASH.  And, if you have commercial property to sell, you can see what your up against.

See full article in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat



Foreclosure Radar Local Market Snapshot–Town of Windsor–GULP!!


Find below a “market snapshot” of the town of Windsor from Foreclosure Radar. The “P”‘s stand for “Pre-foreclosure” which are Notice of Defaults have been filed. This is normally 120 Days to the point of “Sale”or completion of the foreclosure process.  “A”-stands for “Auction” or at the final stage of the foreclosure process where the house is sold to the highest bidder for what is owed or the bank takes it back if NO taker steps up to either reclaim or buy at the court-steps. “B” is for “Bank Owned” which means the bank has NOW officially taken the property BACK from the foreclosure and eviction of the the homeowner/tenant is imminent.