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Eileen Morelli Joins me on Sunday with her unique perspective as Team Leader at Keller Williams Realty,Santa Rosa,Ca.

 “The Pessimist complains about the wind,  the optimist expects it to change —- the leader adjusts the sails” John Maxwell…..Well, In case you haven’t noticed, it’s time to adjust the sails.

The way sellers determine potential home value, or buyers shop for Real Estate…and how both shop for a Realtor, has shifted dramatically over the past few years.

With the […]

Does it “Make Sense” to Invest in Sonoma County Real Estate Again?…Meet Sue Carrell, Property Manager; On the Air Sunday to Discuss the Rental Climate in Sonoma County

Meet Sue Carrell, Property Manager;  Sue Carrell will be joining me on Sunday’s show to discuss the rental climate in Sonoma County.  For the Real Estate Investor, Is this a good time to be looking at rental properties? For the former distressed home-owner entering the rental market…with damaged credit; find hope in a compasionate and understanding  property […]

I’m Away at Play! Monterey Jazz Festival-Alli’s at the helm this week!

Looking North along Carmel Beach towards the fabled links of Pebble Beach. You can clamor up the hillside and stand along one of the greens! I’ve done it! White, sandy beach in which to stroll, watch the dogs chase their tennis balls and play tag with the surf! I’ve been coming to the Monterey […]

Yet another reminder that Sonoma County, Ca. is a destination county. For Real Estate, and the local economy,that’s a good thing

Sonoma County has long been the chosen setting for movies…think Alfred Hitchcocks’s “The Birds, and Shadow of a Doubt” way back in the 40’s,… “American Grafitti”, the list goes on and on.  

According to Sonoma County’s Tourism Bureau, there has been an increased interest in Sonoma County for TV. In Kawasaki’s case,  “Santa Rosa’s downtown had the right […]