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What’s So Special About Foreclosure Radar?? …and Who Spilled All the M&M’s ?

 The standard market analysis is simply an estimate of value, of current competitive listings and recent Solds but what it lacks is critical, as it  is one of the most important elements….THE FUTURE. When should you put your home on the market?? If you knew that a seller was getting ready to put a home […]

Wells Fargo (Wachovia, World Savings) “Help for Home Owners”

This “Help for Home Owners” link is “buried” under a few layers of the Wells Fargo website. Despite that, Wells Fargo seems to be one of the easier banks to deal with these days.  Whether your loan was originally with World or Wachovia…or has always been with Wells Fargo, makes a big difference when discussing […]

Sonoma County Homeowners-Bank of America Short-Sale or Modification “Concierge” Toll Free number!

Homeowners in Sonoma County, California–here’s a “Concierge” telephone number you can call to escalate modification of your loan or perhaps a “Short-Sale”. 866-880-1232  This comes from a meeting we had with a VP of Portfolio Rention for Short-Sales. If it a shot but remember the following:

BofA has some 500 investors who purchased the loans […]

Short-Selling? A MUST listen Show-March 6th-CEO of Certified Distressed Property Expert’s –Alex Charfen!

As a special presentation to the NorthBay, Allison and I  are distinctly honored to have on our show for the entire hour, the leader in the Distressed Property market, CEO  of The Distressed Property Institute: Alex Charfen.

Alex will give us the latest update in the Short-Sale market as well as new developments for Homeowners and […]

Since the market tanked in 2005, Keller Williams Realty has grown 30 percent in agents, 40 percent in market centers

Keller Williams Realty Announces Numbers for 2010, Continued Growth During Real Estate Downturn Company Launches eEdge Industry’s First Lead-To-Close Business Solution Today   AUSTIN, TEXAS (February 21, 2011)–Keller Williams Realty reported today at its national convention that it ended 2010 with 79,315 associates, 701 market centers (offices), and associate profit share up 7.2 percent, with […]

A Little Bit of Mongomery Village History, Santa Rosa. Ca.


A Little Montgomery Village History Excerpts from the article “Hugh Codding Dies at 92”

 By GAYE LEBARON THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Published: Sunday, April 4, 2010 at 3:00 a.m.

Hugh Bishop Codding, for more than 60 years a larger-than-life figure in the economy and politics of Sonoma County, died Saturday of pneumonia. He […]

Have your propery taxes been recently reduced due to re-valuation…do you have an impound account? …

Because of decreased property values, the county tax assessors have been either, routinely, or by request, re-assessing the value of homes. If your property taxes have not been reduced due to lower property value, contact; for information on how to have your property re-assessed, and what to expect when values go back up.


The Cost of Waiting for Prices to Fall in Sonoma County California

If home prices fall, but interest rates rise…it’s a wash….or worse. So, what are you waiting for ??  The following is a great article that really spells it out. This is the prime argument Mike and I have with our clients week in and week out. As Sonoma County buyers wait for home prices to go […]

Was your home loan, now serviced by Wells Fargo, previously with World Savings…or Wachovia??

 If so, you are in the prime position for a Wachovia “streamlined” short sale. Sam Bedros, our local Wachovia short sale negotiator, held a “Short Sale”  seminar at the North Bay Association of Realtors last week.  Here’s so what he had to say;   All short sales, at any bank, must first go through the eligibility process […]

“Distressed Market 60% of January Home Sales in Sonoma County, California!

Home Sales in Sonoma County, California dropped a seasonal 28% from December’s Sales totals. This is consistent with January sales going back 3 years and historically is a very “weak” month when it comes to home purchasing.  What IS consistent is the “Distressed” home sellers which punched through the 60% barrier–not seen since April of […]