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Reverse Mortgages are the topic dujour this Sunday, May Day with Rick May of MetLifeBank

 Rick May of MetlifeBank joins us on Sonoma County’s longest running real estate talk show!


Santa Rosa Chapter of Realtors Donates $1400.00 To Local Red Cross Chapter

Tim Miller, CEO of Sonoma County Red Cross, accepting Check from John Duran, President, SRCR

Tim Miller, CEO of American Red Cross in Sonoma, Mendocino and Lake Counties, recieving check from SR Chapter President John, “JD” Duran of Frank Howard Allen Realtors.


Ten Warning Signs of a Mortgage Modification Scam

Scams that promise to “rescue” you from foreclosure are popping up at an alarming rate nationwide, and you need to protect yourself and your home…here are ten “red flag” items. […]

HOW to “Steal” a house! FBI Fraud Alerts-Sonoma County Homeowners be Vigilant!

FBI Fraud Alerts–How to “Steal” a house!

House stealing? Yup! The Internet provides much data for a con man looking to gather information on YOU and YOUR home–then generating falsified documents, recording new data at the County offices–PRANG! Your house is now the property of a Con Man! Read the information and examples to […]

Easter Show-Bunnies? Colored Eggs? Nope! LOAN FRAUD,SCAMS,Shark Alerts!

Sonoma County,California Homeowners! Beaware of those “Shark Alerts” and those folks who will scam you and take a big bite out of your wallet.

From the FBI–Just the Facts: Mortgage Fraud Statistics


Come Explore the Laguna Wildlife area! It’s EarthDay!

2011 Laguna Outings Schedule -Laguna foundation public education program\ Sonoma County Laguna! Come see the Chicks and their Frantic Parents! The “Rookery” is full and this is THE time to see Blue Herons & Great Egrets ! […]

RED DAY is coming soon! We are benefitting “Redwood Empire Foster Parent Assoc.” We need items!

Items need for our “Blue Bags” up to 8 year olds! […]

Otto Kobler–Summit Funding, Inc, Our special Guest today–FHA Rehab Loans? Streamlined? Chdap? Giddy-up?Huh?

 We are pleased to have FHA whiz Otto Kobler on the show this week. Otto has a strong background in government loans and specializes in the FHA 203K “Re-Hab” loans which allow you to add the cost of “improving” your new home into the loan amount. We call this “Re-hab” (NOT to be confused with […]

Don’t Forget to TAKE your First Time Homebuyer Credit!! 5 Facts from the IRS and How to Claim

The Homebuyer Assistance and Improvement Act of 2010, enacted on July 2, 2010, extended the closing deadline from June 30 to Sept. 30 for eligible homebuyers who entered into a binding purchase contract on or before April 30 to close on the purchase of the home on or before June 30, 2010.

Here are five […]

Double Dip in Real Estate? 1st Qtr 2011 Sonoma County Contracts WAY UP!! 71% from 3 Years Ago!