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Making History-A day in Villa Grande! Today! May 29th–see below for details!

Over a hundred years ago the redwood trees of Mesa Grande fell, and the village of Villa Grande sprang from the clearing.     Friends of Villa Grande is now planning a Day of History on Sunday, May 29, 2011 where you can take part in creating historical documents, enjoy a tour of some of the unique […]

Buying A Home–Ask your Realtor/Agent if s/he DOES the followig for you!

Buyers–Here in Sonoma County,Califonria  this market demands your Realtor/Agent to be  proactive, and ready to act quickly. Mike and I have set up a comprehensive system to help our clients find the right home. And, we have the knowledge and experience in this current market to guide you in writing a solid offer that will stand out above the others….most […]

Remember why we call it “Memorial Day” and not “BBQ Day”!

New Loan Limits Coming–Downward-Will these Affect Property Prices? Guest Commentary-Otto Kobler


Are the Upcoming Mortgage Limit Changes Going to Affect Property Prices.


Watch out, on October 1st, 2011, the federal government will lower the maximum mortgage loan amounts for three very popular loan programs throughout the US. Those of us in the coastal California region will be hit hard by the changes. The question […]

Illegal Buildings on your property? How to make them legal–winding through the County MAZE.

Sonoma County, California homeowners or home buyers–Own or buying country property? Have those barns, sheds, out buildings, extra “units” which you THINK might not be kosher or legit? Then tune in this week as we present Tom Havstad, Permit Consulting Services. This is THE guy who can get you through the maze which is our […]

Equity Share Explained; Benefits to Investors, Home Occupier, and Seller



Today’s Show: Equity Sharing–Can’t qualify for a loan today? Sold your home as a “Short-Sale” or lost to Foreclosure? Want to take advantage of these great prices? Tune us in this morning!

Sonoma County,California Home buyers who have recently lost their home to foreclosure, sold as a “Short-Sale” or who can’t qualify for a loan today but are good credit risks–Equity Share may be the tool for Home Ownership! Join us today as we welcome long time friend of the show–Harry Coffey as he […]

No MORE 30 years loans? Short-Term Adjustables ONLY? At what Rates? Save Fannie and Freddie!

   Congress Eyes Eliminating Fannie and Freddie –Sonoma County Homeowners take note! If you value long-term, fixed financing then we need to KEEP Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac viable entities to make sure the BIG BANKS don’t pull ANOTHER fast one on the American Home Owner!


2011 Legislative “Leg” Day, 1,000s of California Realtors Stormed the State Capital

Me and Allison at Leg Day 2011 in Sacramento

Allison and I joined forces with thousands of other Realtors throughout the State of California