Striking World Chart shows Debt to GDP ratios–Think we have problems? Look at Japan,Italy,ZimBawe!


This is a striking chart showing Debt to GDP ratios throughout the world.national debt GDP vs National Debt by Country

The national debt of countries represents how much money the government of that country owes. Like a household budget, national debt gets larger when a government spends more than it takes in. This can continue for years, or even decades. This budget deficit is the total amount of this debt that has grown over time, with interest charged adding significantly to the amount owed by the government.
The amount owed varies greatly with the amount of money a country generates, its population and how much its government spends. In Germany, the national debt is $1.79 trillion. This represents 62.6 percent of Germany’s gross domestic product, or GDP. In The U.K. the national debt is $42.2 trillion. This is 47.2 percent of the GDP of the U.K.
In Russia, the national debt is $151.3 billion. This is 6.8 percent of the Russian GDP. Italy owes a national debt of $1.89 trillion, or 103.7 percent of the Italian GDP. The national debt of France is $1.40 trillion. This is 67 percent of France’s GDP.
One of the highest levels of national debt relative to the country’s GDP can be found in Japan. The Japanese national debt is $7.47 trillion. This is 170.4 percent of the Japanese GDP. India has a national debt of $2.55 trillion. This debt is 78 percent of the GDP of India. Zimbabwe has a national debt of $472.51 billion. This level of national debt is 241.2 percent of Zimbabwe’s GDP.
In the Americas, The United States has a national debt of 8.68 trillion. In the U.S., this is 60.8 percent of the American GDP. The Canadian national debt is $814.26 billion. In Canada, the national debt is 62.3 percent of the GDP. In South America, Argentina has a national debt of $293.56 billion. The Argentinean national debt is 51 percent of the GDP of Argentina.
The gross domestic product of a country is the market value of all of the products and services that a country produces in one year. This includes spending that is done by the citizens of the country and by the government of that country. It includes the value of items produced within the county and exported elsewhere, but it does not include the value of any imported items. The GDP is the primary way to calculate the size and status of the economy of a country as a whole. It is calculated quarterly as well as yearly.  Courtesy of

Peter Phillippe of Princeton Capital and Long time guest answers the question: Default and Interest Rates-Up or Down?

It’s always fun to have Mr. Peter Phillippe on the show ( We’ll be discussing these super-low rates which dropped like a stone on Friday but also WHAT EFFECT a possible government default will have on not only Home Mortgage rates but also other consumer credit.

  We’ll also discuss the various rates, the NEW lowered loan amounts coming into play end of September, how you can pay your LOAN off quicker by opting for either a 15 year loan or making a larger payment per month!

  Allison’s camping with her Kids this weekend–she had to get in ONE weekend before school starts for her young one. We’ll hear about that the following Sunday! So it’s the GUYS at the helm on the good ship “Real Estate Hour”–see you on the radio!

This week on the Show–Ross Liscum-Sonoma County Fair President and Mike Trienen–Septic System Consultant. Hmmmm? Any connection here?

We are pleased to have Ross Liscum (above), 2011 President of the Sonoma County Fair on the show this morning. Joining Ross and presenting us with a “show transition” challenge is  Mike Trienen, Septic System-On-Site Waste specialist.  Since the 75th Sonoma County Fair kicks off this week we felt having Ross on the show would give our listeners some timely, fun advice on this year’s Fair.  We will be giving away tickets to  lucky listeners if they can answer specific questions about the Fair–stay tuned! 

Some unique and fun evens this year?

Dung Division Competition?!! Yes, teams to clean up “dung” or “BS” as we call it! 4 to a team–the “winning” team cleans up the remains of the “Diamond Jubilee Cattle Drive” happening Sunday, August 7th from Courthouse Square to the Fairgrounds! Call Colleen at 707-54-4200 for details and entry forms.

Diamond Jubilee Cattle Drive–the “running of the steers” through downtown–local merchants will go along with promotional items, “Cattle Drive Sales”. Starts Sunday, August 7th at 10:00am as the “herd” gets started moving aided by celebrity participants, with Board of Supes Efren Carillo and Shirley Zane!  Special appearance by Scott Gerber, the “Jewish Singing Cowboy”!! Clean up of the “herd” by the winners of the “Dung” contest!

Tuesday-July 26th–“Preview of House of Flowers” day. cost $25.00 for preview night with appetizers and wine. All proceeds benefit scholarships for youth in the agricultural fields. Tickets on sale at the Fair offices on Bennett Valley Road (east of the Main Pavillion).

  With Mike Trienen we will discuss how “on-site waste water” or septic systems work and what to look out for when buying a Country property. We will have Mike on in a future show with Tom Havstad who is a “permit resource” expert. Click  HERE  for information on “Septic System” layout. MikeTreinen can be reached at: 707-5260872–he always returns your call!!

Taped Show this Sunday but “MUST LISTEN TO” radio! Ramifications of Debt Relief-short-sales, BK,Foreclosure-Christine Cromwell, EA our special guest!

Our Guest this week–Enrolled Agent, Christine Cromwell. Now does she look like your ordinary accoutant!!??

We have a great conversation on “Debt Relief” for you this weekend. The show is TAPED so NO calls will be needed. However, we do have Christine’s contact information below. Our show this week addresses the thorney issue of what happens when you sell your home for a lot LESS, via a Short-Sale, and have forgiveness of debt. Now let’s get our terms correct. You owe $500,000, sell it short for $250,000–you have “Debt Relief” of $250,000. We are NOT talking  if the bank  modifies your loan and lowers your loan amount by $250,000. NO–this is an IRS TERM which you better understand! That debt relief can be taxed at “Ordinary Income” during the year of your short-sale! You earn $65,000 a year? Then ADD $250,000 to that!! In other words you’ll owe the IRS BIG MONEY on your tax return! Christine touches upon this subject and how you can avoid it via insolvency, BK, etc. This topic makes  for a very lively discussion between Alli, myself and Christine. Have fun listening.  Next week we’ll be back with Sonoma County Fair information from the President of the Fair Board–Ross Liscum. Mike Trienen also talking about septic systems.

Christine Cromwell, EA    “Big Firm Sophistication, with Small Firm Personal Attention”

Cromwell Tax and Bookkeeping
1516 Fourth Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404 Continue reading Taped Show this Sunday but “MUST LISTEN TO” radio! Ramifications of Debt Relief-short-sales, BK,Foreclosure-Christine Cromwell, EA our special guest!

OPEN HOUSE Sunday, July 17th, 1to4pm- 6526 Meadowgreen Place, Oakmont Reduced! $289,900




Great triplex unit “B” or Back along the creek!


Allison Norman, 707-799-3617,  will be holding  6526 Meadowgreen Place open, July 17th, from 1 to 4pm. It is a Oakmont beauty with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths and was recently remodeled with new cabinets, plantation shutters, windows, stain less steel appliances, granite counter tops, very stunning. Master bathroom has been also remodeled with maple cabinetry, walk in shower with “Tumbled Tile” and granite counter tops. This is a “triplex “B” or “Back” unit which is gently nestled against the creek and common area lawn. Serene, quiet and reduced to $289,900!! Alli can be reached via email at: or give her a call: 707-799-3617


This Week on The Real Estate Hour; Aging in Place, tips for our growing population of Senior homeowners, and their families.

As the country braces itself for the “Silver Tsunami”, we need to arm our Seniors with good information and guide them through the on-slaught of  “help” they are being offered. Tune in Sunday 9-10AM on The News and Talk of Sonoma County KSRO 1350Am.

This week’s show will focus primarily on Senior homeowners who wish to remain in thier homes and “age in place” gracefully….and safely.  Our Guests Marilyn Barnes of Senior Helpers North Bay and Frank Samson of Senior Care Athourity are both strong supporters of the local senior community. They offer a wealth of information on aging in place with reliable in home care, home alterations that may be necessary, and ideas on other ways to make staying home a good, safe option.

Marilyn Barnes; Senior Helpers North Bay

 Marilyn has worked in the homecare industry for 26 years, starting as a caregiver on nights and weekends and moving to management approximately 11 years ago.  Marilyn is an active member in the Sonoma Co. Execs. and a member of the Section on Aging Chapters in Sonoma and Napa counties.  Marilyn has been instrumental in starting many community education programs to assist in a better understanding of what services are available, what each service does and helping seniors and their families connect with such services.

Frank Samson; Senior Care Authority

 Frank has had a passion for senior care since having to care for family members and personally experience the challenges that face families today.  After several years of researching the health care industry, he began Senior Care Authority, which has already helped many families throughout Northern California.

 Frank is a member of Section on Aging Chapters in Sonoma, Marin, Napa and Solano Counties.  In addition, he is part of the Senior Roundtable in San Francisco. He was also instrumental in starting the North Bay Senior Alliance (NBSA), which assists the aging population with services from in-home care, senior placement, Medi-Cal planning, financial planning and legal services., His expertise in senior care has given him the opportunity to write regular columns on this subject in local newspapers.  In addition, he hosts a weekly radio show called “The Aging Boomers” on 91.3 FM, KSVY, Sonoma.

REO’s Until 2020? Shadow Inventory in the Millions? Frozen Families on the 4th of July?

Sonoma County, California–In his weekly “Mortgage Credit News”, Lou Barnes poses three questions that SHOULD have been asked of President Obama in last week’s press conference:

“The newest housing data has showed signs of bottom in price, delinquency, and sales volume. However, three questions apparently too impertinent to pose at the press conferences of either the Fed Chairman or the President:

  1. How much distressed housing inventory has accumulated?
  2. How fast are distressed homes selling versus new ones arriving?
  3. If… if they are selling faster than piling up, but at a rate that will not clear for a decade or two, what are we going to do about it? “

CoreLogic reports that shadow distressed inventory not listed fell in April from 1.9 million homes to 1.7, down from the 2.2 million peak in early 2010. Distress is defined as 90+days delinquent, in the foreclosure process, or foreclosed REO. Continue reading REO’s Until 2020? Shadow Inventory in the Millions? Frozen Families on the 4th of July?

Cutting Edge Marketing-What ELSE would you expect from the Kelly-Norman Team? QR Codes For Real Estate!

No, this is NOT a new video game, real estate maze or flow chart on how my mine thinks! It is a QR Code. All you “hip” folks have already scanned it with your Iphone,Droid, Blackberry scanner “App” and now are viewing our listings ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE! We make these “QR CODES” for individual listings and place them on our marketing materials, For Sale Signs, etc. It allows a buyer WITH a mobile phone to view all of our lisitings FORMATTED PERFECTLY for the Mobile Device!! Very cool! Read more after you SCAN the QR CODE!

When Allison and I prepare our “Marketing Campaign” we use many tools to bring more buyers to the Seller’s Property. We now are employing the most cutting edge tools for real estate professionals on the market today. It is called Mobile Real Estate ID and allows The Kelly-Norman Team  to provide prospective buyers with a client’s property information 24/7 via text message. Continue reading Cutting Edge Marketing-What ELSE would you expect from the Kelly-Norman Team? QR Codes For Real Estate!