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Special Show Apperance: September 11th!! Stategic Defaulting on your Mortgage? Or simply prudent financial planning? The controvery continues as the Economy stumbles towards a possible double dip.


I’m commenting on a controversial  book entitled, “Walk Away From Debt for a Better Future”. The author, Nicholas Carroll, advocates “prudent financial” planning or strategically defaulting on your home mortgage and  credit card debt. He uses various techniques and is an alternative many, many families are considering as the moribund real estate market […]

Alli’s walking AND talking next Sunday at the upcoming Heart Walk 2011

Heart disease and stroke are the nation’s number one and three killers.  In fact, odds are, we all know at least one person that has suffered some form of heart disease or stroke. My father suffered a stroke that severely and permanently altered the remainder of his life…and those of his friends and loved ones.


Consumer Price Index–You wonder WHY prospective Homeowners and Homesellers are On the Fence?

Consumer Price Index GOING DOWN!!?

You WONDER why consumer’s are NOT venturing into the Real Estate market or thinking of Selling their homes and perhaps moving up? Consumer Confidence has dropped from a high of 150 at the turn of the century to a paltry 60 current date!! But even during the height of […]

3.75% FHA!! We are NOW in the 3’s!! WOW!! If this doesn’t get you off the Buyer Fence–you are brain dead!

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Sonoma County, California consumers-anti scamming alerts! Department of Real Estate articles.


Attorney Jeremy Olsan joins us today–Foreclosure-ShortSale Scams to Avoid!

Thanks to attorney Jeremy Olsan for providing us with special updates on Senate Bill 458 plus Scam updates regarding pre-foreclosures, short-sales and Loan Modifications. Invaluable to any of our listeners facing a situation of a distressed property. He wanted me to post these Department […]