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Honey Bee Swarm Season–My first “swarm” of the year–Read WHAT TO DO when you encounter some Honey Bees!

First thing you want to do is keep my cell phone number handy and ON your speed dial: 707-322-8503. I’ll come a runnin’ and give them a new home. Here’s photos of my first swarm capture of the season: Two photos to the left are of the bees as they enter the “Swarm box”. This […]

Sonoma County homeowners up in arms over proposed PGE clearcutting.

Here in Sonoma County, California, a group of concerned property owners has come together to fight the proposed clear cutting of trees along a more than 30 mile stretch from The Geysers, through scenic Sonoma County to Sear’s Point by Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E). This proposed new policy is “needlessly aggressive” and has […]

Raging Seller’s Market in Sonoma County?

Sonoma Count, California–We are edging dramatically into a “Seller’s Market” after 5+ years of a raging “Buyer’s Market”. What is driving this transition in favor of Sellers?  Increased optimism about the economy with increased employment opportunities, life-time LOW interest rates plus scarcity of homes. 

The above graph indicates the “scarcity” of homes as the […]

Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports–Seller Required! But WHAT is it? This week you’ll find out.

  Sonoma County, California Seller’s and Buyers will discover WHY you need a Natural Hazards Disclosure Report and WHY you should use Property ID as YOUR provider. Debra Speer joins us Sunday!


Residential Reports

The Property I.D. Residential Natural Hazard Disclosure Report is the most comprehensive disclosure report available in the real estate market. […]

Selling your home?…Why should you offer a home warranty?? Caroline Fuller of American Home Shield joins us on today’s show


Caroline Fuller

Account Executive, American Home Shield

707.540.1788 cell

800.800.8880 x.6826 messages

Why a home warranty ?

Average repair costs With a home warranty, this isn’t what you’ll need to pay when something breaks and you have a home protection plan. This is just a simple summary of the […]

FHA Mortgage Insurance Changes Coming April 1, 2012

These changes to the Mortgage Insurance charged on FHA loans will take place on April 1, and June 1, 2012,. If you currently have an FHA case number assigned to your loan, these changes will not effect you…but check with your lender to be sure.