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10.5 Tips,Tricks,Strategies in getting your HOME SOLD THIS SEASON!

Here in Lovely Sonoma County, California, “The Wine Country”, we find ourselves dealing with some NEW Realities of a “Shifted” market! 10 Reasons Your Home WILL SELL!

There are some NEW Realities when Selling your home.

Number one- we are NOW in a SELLER’S market! Not since the wild and crazy days of the “bubble […]

Sonoma County, California buyers–Avoiding 5 pitfalls of a Short-Sale

Top 5 Ways to Avoid a BAD Short-Sale!

Marketing of the Property is Inept!—one photo taken from across the street at twilight is NOT marketing and shows an inherent absence of a “Standard of care” to the Seller. This can mean a couple of things—the seller REALLY DOES NOT want to sell and is […]

Le Tour De Hive–Father’s day fun for the whole family!! Touring Hives throughout Sonoma County!

Our “Le Tour De Hive” is stressing making our event a Family Affair! So WHAT does the  $40 family pass get you? Our Family Pass is the entry fee for the entire family to visit 6 different sites in the Western part of Sonoma County. At each site there will be various activities all of […]

PGE is moving forward with their plans to clear a swath of land from the Geysers to Sears Point ….How can affected homeowners negotiate??

Principal Reductions at BofA for Loan Modifications! Check your mail!

Sonoma County Homeowners with BofA loans–check your mail!! Offers for modifications with the Holy Grail of principal reductions is NOW happening! Over 5,000 have been done with over $700 Million in Modifications! More to come! Read the story from C.A.R. to see if YOU qualify!

BofA extends modification offers […]

Post Cinco De Mayo Show! Short-Sale Shennanigans, Dried Up Inventory and the “Equity Brick Wall”

 You want to see what a “Seller’s” Market looks like? The Stats below say it ALL!!! Scarcity rules the roost!!

 Months supply last year at this time: 4.5 months  Today—1.4  months supply  “Under Contract” properties—UP +43%  New Properties by Month—DOWN 28%  For Sale properties by Month—DOWN 35%  Days on the Market—down by […]

Mike and Allison go to Sacramento to fight for Private Property Rights!

  Sonoma County, California–Allison and I met with Assemblyman Jared Huffman and Senator Noreen Evans in a whirlwind day at Sacramento where California Realtors are influencing legislation on private property rights. The Govenor of the greatest state of California, Jerry Brown, addressed our combined delegations from every county in the State. He showed off his wit […]