Special Guest this week: Denise Frye–“Make Your House a Home” Staging. Why even a “Hot” market like this needs a Stager.

We’re delighted to welcome back to our show Denise Frye of “Make Your House a Home” staging.  I’ve known Denise for years and she has been in customer service most of her adult life and has combined this love of folks with her impeccable taste and staging abilities. But I hear what you’re saying, “Mike the homes are FLYING out the door. Why would I need a stager? Don’t you use a stager when you have a bad market to separate your self from the pack?”  We’ll have Denise answer all of those questions AND MORE!

Loan Modification blues! Get the low-down on Loan Modficiations and WHY a “Short-Sale” may be the Solution for You.

Here in Sonoma County,California loan mods are either Spectacular or ho-hum! The “Ho-Hum” does NOT solve YOUR problem of an assett undervalued and a loan OVER-valued. Here’s some tips and tricks on “Loan Modificaitons” which may help you make up your mind. As always, a Tax person or CPA  and attorney should ALWAYS be consulted on matters of loan modificaitons and Short-Sales: