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Debt Relief for Short-Sale Homeowner’s–Set to expire Dec 31st this year–FISCAL CLIFF for Distressed Homeowner’s.

Below is a quote from a recent story from CNBC on the sun-setting of the Bush era “Debt Forgiveness” happening December 31, 2012. Your Realtors are fighting to continue the benefits of the Debt Relief Act and Debt Cancellation.  With the huge 250 Billion Attorney General settlements beginning January 1st, we are perplexed WHY the […]

Short-Sale Sellers and their Agents–Please! Get a grip on the transaction. Chronicles of a Frustrated Realtor Team.



Short-Sales in Sonoma County, California–WHOA IS ME!  I had a client call me yesterday with a list of three properties. I pulled up all three and everyone was a “Short-Sale”. This client is in that market “sweet-spot” of  $0-$250,000. But I’d also include ANYTHING under $300,000. There was a total of […]

Tale of two Price Points–Lack of Homes for Sale? Depends WHAT you’re SPENDING here in Sonoma County,Ca

Here in Sonoma County, California–Many Realtors are lamenting the LACK of inventory or homes for sale. I submit that it all depends on how MUCH money you wish to spend.  One of the most IN DEMAND price points is the 0- $250,000 price point. This has been the land of the REO (real estate owned) […]

Pete Phillippe, Loan Officer and old wizened one, of Princeton Capital, Joins us to discuss Interest rates,Paying your Home off Quickly and Qualifying!


Long time guest and friend of the Real Estate Hour, Pete Phillippe of Princeton Capital, will join us to discuss options which super low interest rates offer the consumer. With rates THIS low (3.25%) a homeowner refinancing may consider saving money while retaining a 30 year  amortized loan or choosing to opt for […]

Third Year in Row, Sept sales Plunge! This year steeper because of previous Big Sales Months. Scarcity, low rates!

I was predicting that September Sales would drop from the higher summers months. I was right! But it just repeated what it had done in 2011 and 2010. However, this past month was real BIG compared to the highest summer sales in over 3 years. Those interest rates and folks […]