Unemployment drops! 41,200 New Jobs in California added. Sonoma County unemployment looking good vs. State average.




EDD adds 40,000 NEW jobs for the state of California. Sonoma County Real Estate prices are tied to  Unemployment. But a new report today, as reported by Beacon Economics, shows the California “Coastal” zones  leading in shrinking unemployment roles. Unemployment  came down 2/10ths of a percent. Good news is on the way. For a great interactive map of unemployment throughout the state of California go to the “Beacon Economics” page Interactive Unemployment Map  Sound employment awaits the new Sonoma County resident or company.



Bee Extraction? Bees in your Belfrey? Between your walls or Floors?! Chris Conrad, Bee Expert, will remove them! No SPRAY!!

Sonoma County, California–Occasionally a homeowner will call our Sonoma County Bee Association looking for someone to remove a “swarm” of bees from a tree, bush, etc and this can be done by most Beekeepers. But removing a Hive of bees from your attic, between walls or floor joists you need the expert help of Chris Conrad. For swarms cal me–Mike Kelly 707-322-8503 but for those bees who have set up house between walls, floor joists, ext. call Chris: 415-350-5700  http://www.BeeConsciousremoval.com

Below are samples of some of his major “Extractions” of bees from households:

$1,000,000+ Real Estate Report- Sonoma County,California–Going UP?

Join the “Kelly-Norman Team” at Keller Williams Realty on our weekly radio show as we keep you up-to-date on the Sonoma County,California real estate marketplace. Below is a synopsis of  our monthly $1,000,000 report and the Luxury Home market for Sonoma County, California.

 So many properties to choose from, vineyards, Equestrian ranches, weekend estates, we have it all in the $1,000,000 report. Sonoma County, California is a “Destination” area with the quintessential wine country experience of Healdsburg and Sonoma plus the dramatic coastal regions with luxury homes at Bodega Harbour with world class golf course or snug vacation rentals along the coast–we have it all!

  The report for February show a steady surge in the luxury home market that is the $1,000,000+ price point. Since November the number of sales have steadily marched upward doubling in just 4 months from 9 to 20 properties “Under Contract” or in escrow. Why is this?

  Let’s look at the “Buyer” of in this price point; affluent, self-directed, can move quickly if they wish and in the KNOW when it comes business and investment trends. This BUYER knows the market has turned and realize that appreciation in this price point can be significant. So they don’t WAIT for the “spring market” but invest boldly and quickly. Hence the upswing in purchases over the relatively “dead” time of winter.

  The “Hot Areas”–as you would suspect for Sonoma County the the “Wine-Country” experience–the towns which MOST reflex the lifestyle of our county–Healdsburg and Sonoma. These towns are loaded with character, have a down-home “Square” and world class restaurants and wineries nearby. However, Santa Rosa–the financial hub of Sonoma County-also has dominance in this price point–Fountaingrove, Shiloh Ranch, Montecio Meadow and Heights, Rielbi Valley–all boast many a $1,000,000+ property.

  The area of high activity currently? Sonoma with 10 properties under contract, Santa Rosa withi 7 followed by 4 for Healdsburg. Now this may NOT sound like a super hot market but for this time of year it bodes well for the “Spring/Summer” marketplace. But let’s NOT forget that currently 172 propeties populate the $1,000,000 + price point with “Active” listings. WE had total sales in February of 17 so you can say these folks have a 1 in 10 chance of SELLING their Homes. Or when you look at the Under Contract sales about a 8 months supply.

Join Allison Norman and Mike Kelly of the Kelly-Norman Team ,every Sunday, 9 to 10am PST 1350AM, KSRO or Tune us in via the web at www.KSRO.com.  The “News and Talk of Sonoma County” KSRO radio.  Also, check out our blog: http://www.TheRealEstateHourblog.com for more details.

Preview:  Below is a chart showing those properties “Under Contract” or in escrow for the past year. Note the escalation since December–a march upwards. Why? Those who are buying $1,000,000+ properties are NOT tied to the seasons and have resources to move quickly. The marketplace in Sonoma County is in “lift-off” and as you can see a 100% increase is a leading indicator of the health of the $1,000,000 PLUS Sonoma County,California marketplace.

All about “Reverse Mortgages”–When to use, HOW to use, WHY they are a good tool for those in their later years

Here in Sonoma County the largest demographic are folks over 55. With an “aging” population the frequency of useage for “Reverse Mortgages” is on the rise. We’ve brought in expert Jill Gromm to give us a mini seminar on the various types of Reverse Mortgages available and WHICH one might be RIGHT for you!

Reverse Mortgage specialist

Reverse Mortgage for Purchase

 Why Use a Reverse Mortgage for Purchase

  • Empty nesters downsizing in retirement

Two-story to a single level  or Home or land too much to maintain

  • Relocation

Closer to family or friend

Closer to hospital and medical treatment

  • Unable to purchase/move in the past due to credit/income qualifications

Traditional loan still has a mortgage payment whereas with a reverse mortgage there is no monthly mortgage payment.

Easier to qualify for a reverse mortgage – (Bill S. 469 – HECM Stabilization Act of 2013 – will have a financial assessment qualification for the loan but we don’t know what that is going to look like)

Qualifying for a Reverse Mortgage

While Mike is away, Allison gets down to the basics with answers to some of Real Estate’s top FAQs

Mike is out of town this weekend at PETS (President-Elect Training) as he’s the incoming President for his Sunrise Rotary Club taking over in July. Back to Back meetings! So Allison has the show.

While Mike is away, Allison has a full show planned. Lots to talk about. It will be informative, full of  insights she has learned in this “intersting” real estate market and through many hours of consulting with buyers and sellers.  She’ll be breaking down her list of the top real estate buyer and seller FAQs. (frequently asked questions)

If you have a burning question about the real estate buying, selling, investing, or “staying put” process, you can send us an email any time at nodumbquestion@gmail.com or call 707-636-1350 during the show.


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