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The Forgotton Entrance – Is your Front Door Welcoming?

Sunday, May 26, 2013 – Sonoma County, Ca.

Creating a welcoming front entrance can add to your home’s curb appeal, desirability and value.  Your front door is the first impression your visitors (and potential buyers) get of your home. Make sure it’s a good one.

Your front entrance should be;

Welcoming; Your guest begin […]

This Week’s Show; Wildfires are Coming…Is Your Home Ready?

5/26/2013 Sonoma County, Ca. on The Real Estate Hour, 1350 am KSRO

Fire Prevention Battalion Chief, Ben Nicholls, joins us on the radio to discuss the steps homeowners in High Fire Areas (State Responsibility Areas, SRAs) should be taking to protect their homes from Wild Fire.

Did you know that, if you live in an […]

Buyer Letters to Sellers are making a comeback…a GREAT idea? Yes!! But…….

At a recent Broker Panel presented by the North Bay Association of Realtors, this was brought up, and an interesting point was made

…a discussion ensued.

On this weeks show, we’ll touch on the “return of the Buyer letter”.

We think its a GREAT idea, and often can be the deciding factor for a […]

Sonoma County Real Estate–“Tales from the Trenches” tomorrow, May 19th, 2013. The insider’s scoop on Northern Calif Real Estate


Allison in her “work” mode for our weekly radio show on KSRO, 1350AM or at

“Tales from the Trenches” is the theme for tomorrow’s show on “The Real Estate Hour” heard every Sunday, 9 to 10am, The market is surging and those underwater may actually be drying out! Plus what are […]

Mike and Alli, hosts of the “Real Estate Hour”, appear at “Showcase Sonoma County”, Thursday May 9th.

Allison and I had great fun meeting listeners to the radio show this past Thursday at the Showcase Sonoma County sponsored by the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce. One person walked by the booth and heard me talking and blurted out, “I know that voice!” She then looked up and saw our banner (photo below) […]

There goes the neighborhood! Median Price Sonoma Cty breaks $400,000 barrier–Now at 2003 Pricing!

So when the market TOOK OFF one of the thresholds it first encountered was the fabled $400,000 median price barrier–that was BACK in 2003. So TEN years later here we are again at another threshold? Or peak? Our median kept thundering along hitting a record $630,000 at the height of the bubble market in 2007. […]

Victim of Foreclosure? Mortgages serviced by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley ANOTHER settlement is coming! 96,000 of YOU!


Fed: 96K Foreclosure Review Checks to Be Sent to Underpaid Borrowers By: Esther Cho 05/09/2013

About 96,000 borrowers who received a check under the foreclosure review settlement should expect a second payment since their checks were for a lesser amount than what they should have received, the Federal Reserve announced in a statement.



ne of the main issues currently in Sacramento of major concern to Norman is the “Debt Relief” extension NOT yet ratified by the legislators. On the national level the “Debt-Relief” extension was extended by Congress to the end of 2013. However California has YET to extend this valuable aid for “underwater” homeowners facing serious tax consequences when selling their home for LESS than what is owed. The difference between the sales price and loan amount, usually a negative number, is considered “Debt Relief” and is treated as ordinary income. Norman noted that a homeowner selling a home for $300,000 with a $400,000 loan would have “debt-relief” of $100,000. In California this would be subject to income tax as ordinary INCOME for the year 2013. […]

On this week’s show; The Pressing Issue of Pocket Listings

Don’t risk losing thousands of dollars by not having your home in the MLS. Learn about the legal and ethical implications of pocket listings and, more importantly, how prices are affected when sellers choose to go off-market.

In Sonoma County, California, and across the state of California, Pocket, or off-market listings, are a significant concern […]