Open House, Sept 29th 1 to 4pm. 8341 Appian Way, $479,900!

Virtual Tour  Great Fixer property between Mom’s Apple Pie and Forestville on a quiet country lane off hwy 116. 3.65 acres of gorgeous Sandy Loam soils, Main house of 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, granny unit with 1 bed, living room, kitchen and bath. Barn, pump house, multiple pastures, large overhead storage area for Boat or RV or Pole Barn. Won’t last long!


Luxury Homebuyers know what they’re looking for and they use the expertise of a Real Estate professional to get it.

In a recent survey of Luxury Homebuyers,  some interesting statistics were discovered. Here’s a good look into what luxury homebuyers rely on from their agent, and look for in a home.

The survey shows that, while technology is evolving, the role of the real estate agent is changing.. As more information becomes readily available, savvy real estate agents are making a shift from provider of the information to expert advisor.  This survey shows that the need for a personal connection is still alive and well in the luxury market, where 96% of Luxury Homebuyers are relying on their agent more than ever before.  Luxury consumers understand the importance of the human element and appreciate expert advice, from a trusted advisor.

What are Luxury Homebuyers looking for in a real estate agent?

  • 65%… Insight into neighborhood lifestyle.
  • 64%… Advanced listing notices.
  • 55%… Advice on housing trends.
  • 53%… Support on a personal level throughout the buying process.



Luxury hombuyers have a renewed sense of confidence in the real estate market. Investing in multiple properties is becoming a new trend.

  • 53%… Prefer owning multiple “lifestyle” homes.
  • 58%… already own multiple homes to support their lifestyle activities.

The survey also shows that bigger isn’t always better for the luxury homebuyers.

  • 68%… Would rather have as many upgrades as they can afford in their home, rather than more square footage.
  • 94%… would be willing to give up 1,000 sq ft of living space in their next home in exchange for a “lifestyle” amenity they desire.

Such “lifestyle amenities” include;

  • 54%… Living in a better neighborhood.
  • 51%… Living in a house with “character”.
  • 44%… More land.
  • 39%… Access to dining and entertainment.
  • 38%…A shorter commute.

66% of Luxury homebuyers surveyed said that they’d prefer a “smart” home rather than a “green” home, and 87% would not even consider living in a home that isn’t “tech -friendly”.

Topping the list of “must-haves” that are essential to qualifying as a “luxury home” are actually features that are outside of the home;

  • 53%… A garden oasis.
  • 50%… Outdoor fireplace or fire pit.
  • 47%… A guest house separate from the main home.

This study offers an interesting glimpse into the mind of the luxury homebuyer, and coincidentally, in many ways, mirrors the homebuying ideals of the Gen Y – or Millennial homebuyer.

However,  Millennials have grown up knowing how to access readily available information and many tend to opt for the more DIY approach. Whereas,  the luxury homebuyer tends to view a Realtor in the same professional capacity as that of a doctor, lawyer, or financial adviser. Of course, many Millennials are also luxury homebuyers, which adds an interesting twist.  I think the reality here is that those with money more often see the value and return on investment of the professional advice of a real estate agent.

The on-line survey was conducted by Wakefield Research for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.  500 luxury home buyers were surveyed between May 20 and June 4, 2013.

Reference; Market Wired via COMTEX . Study released on Sept 10, 2013.

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Sonoma County Clerk, Recorder and Assesor joins us this weekend.

Proposition 13 baseline year is a major factor in DETERMINING your Property Taxes. Had your property re-assessed? Remember, it can go UP quicker than if it is Prop 13 only! We have the man who can explain all of this with clarity on the show THIS Sunday, September 15th–Bill Rousseau–County Clear, Recorder and Assessor! The graph below is a “Follow-Along” for all of our listeners!

Remember, if your real estate was "re-assessed" due to an appeal or general assessment, and it is UNDER your "base-line" Prop 13 value, it will go UP faster than Prop 13's max 2% yearly increase.
Remember, if your real estate was “re-assessed” due to an appeal or general assessment, and it is UNDER your “base-line” Prop 13 value, it will go UP faster than Prop 13’s max 2% yearly increase.


Bill will answer ALL of your questions regarding Sonoma County Property Tax issues.
Bill will answer ALL of your questions regarding Sonoma County Property Tax issues.

This week on the show we are delighted to have William (Bill)  Rousseau, Clerk Recorder Assessor for Sonoma County on the air with us. We’ll discuss the current state of property tax assessments, Proposition 13 AND Proposition 8 and how both inter-play in property taxes on YOUR home. Also discussed will be the once “lifetime” proposition which allows you to transfer your old Prop 13 baseline to another property within the county. See you then!   707-565-1877

Special Guest this week: Denise Frye–”Make Your House a Home” Staging. Why is staging your home for sale important in this market?


We’re delighted to welcome back to our show Denise Frye of “Make Your House a Home” staging.  I’ve known Denise for years and she has been in customer service most of her adult life and has combined this love of folks with her impeccable taste and staging abilities. But I hear what you’re saying, “Mike the homes are FLYING out the door. Why would I need a stager? Don’t you use a stager when you have a bad market to separate your self from the pack?”  We’ll have Denise answer all of those questions AND MORE!


The “Ripple Effect” of Homeownership;

The Ripple Effect;

We saw it when the market tanked…and we’re seeing it now as the market improves.

For every home purchase, think of the services employed;

The Realtors, Inspectors, movers, contractors, municipalities, attorneys, title company, appraisers, loan officers, mortgage brokers… When you move into a new house you usually paint, buy window treatments, maybe new furniture, or electronics…..and creating jobs and improving the overall economy!