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Would You Buy a Haunted House??

It’s Halloween on The Real Estate Hour and we’re planning some spooky good fun. Tune us in for tips on buying or selling a haunted house. How to Rid your home of those pesky ghosts. And….Sellers, stop scaring those buyers away!


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Pros and Cons of Selling/Buying Now..tune in Sunday 9-10am

Tune us in this morning as we discuss the Pros and Cons of selling and/or buying real estate NOW.

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If Interest Rates increase? Affordability, Qualifying for and Home Payments ALL RISE!

The latest numbers regarding California’s “Home Affordability” are un-settling. They tell the story of a market with big price appreciation and increasing interest rates. While our affordability hit just over 10% in California during the BIG PEAK market times of 2006/2007, when the market dropped we shot BACK up OVER 50%. Remember, the HIGHER […]

What does the government shutdown mean to the loan process? Otto Kobler of Summit Funding joins us this week for an update.

The short answer is….”it depends on how long this drags on”

The media is sending mixed messages, as usual. So, we asked Otto to give us some real information….straight from the trenches.

At the beginning of the week there were reports saying, ” FHA-backed mortgages will be halted in a shutdown” Only to […]

Why WAITING for 3.5% is FOLLY and Financially Naive.

The link below will take you to a Fannie Mae history of 30 year fixed rate loans. The reason I’m bringing HISTORY into the argument of lower interest rates is to show Buyers and Sellers why NOT to “wait it out”. These folks mistakenly think they will see 3.5% again.  It is wise to  understand the […]