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Flood Insurance in a Drought? Yup! You pay even on Sun Shiny Days!

Jan Loewen–Insurance Agent Superstar! And all around NICE person.

And you pay BIG BUCKS for Flood Insurance even in drought conditions. The flood maps NEVER go away. Join us this Sunday as we discuss home owner’s insurance and WHAT to watch out for when buying a home. How much, on what? Tune us in […]

The latest in Lending for Sonoma County and beyond! Sunday on the Real Estate Hour

Our “Loan Guy” Pete Phillippe

We are pleased to have show favorite, “That Lender Guy”,  Peter Phillippe of Princeton Capital. Pete will be discussing the latest and BEST Interest rates, VA/FHA, lending requirements plus YOUR CALLS! Join us for what will surely be a “don’t miss” hour. Pete can be reached at: 707-481-2737 Cell  1-888-305-2473 […]

Buy…Sell…Sell…Buy? … or, What came first…the Chicken or the Egg?

As the percentage of “Equity Sellers” increases, and Homeowners can finally move around, many, including The Kelly Norman Team, are predicting that this will be “The year of the Contingent Buyer/Seller”….those who have a home to sell before they can buy. A very hard offer to get accepted in Sonoma County, Ca., as we remain […]

Buyer Top Tips on Dealing with Multiple-Offer Competition

Here in Sonoma County, California the real estate market is dealing with Homes attracting Multiple Offers from Buyers.  Here are Buyer techniques you might wish to try to standout from the other offers.

My last column addressed recommendations and a method of dealing with multiple offers from the homeowner’s perspective. Many of the buyers we […]