Buying “Country” or “Rural” property in Sonoma County, California!

CountryPropertyI’ve just complete the third part of my trilogy on “How to Buy and Sell Rural or “Country” property in the Press Democrat. I was limited to 1,000 words for each “Column” and could have used many more great stories. But I’ll let this three part series speak to the complexities of either buying or selling “Country” property. Here’s Pt I. I’ll print the other two in upcoming days. If you have any feedback let me know!

Buying “Country Property” So you want to raise some chickens and things? Pt I

situation. I gave techniques on writing offers with a minimum of s level of sophistication and comfort level) in order to make your ” property on public sewer and water on a subdivision lot (3500 to 6000 sqft). Now I want to explore the replete with multiple acres of land (an acre is , property was tough and complex.

The biggest differences in the two types of property is generally lot size and on-site “systems” for sewage disposal and water. The thought of sewage disposal and water supply ON THEIR LAND is somewhat shocking. No treatment plant miles away but an ON-SITE septic tank with leach lines just yards from home. Water?—from your own Well which means both systems go into and come OUT of the same land. Takes some getting used to. Continue reading Buying “Country” or “Rural” property in Sonoma County, California!

Come hear the mystery of the “Dead Sea Scrolls”! Special Rotary Program.

The Santa Rosa Sunrise Rotary Club is having a special program, This coming Friday, April 25th, on the mystery that is the “Dead Sea Scrolls”. We are delighted to have Dr. Weston Fields, curator and Dead Sea Scrolls Institute Director, speaking on this fascinating topic at a dinner evening program at Sally Tomatoes Event Center in Rohnert Park. See flyer below for all the information.

The Dead Sea scrolls first discovered years ago in caves, have been revealing mysteries of the Old Testament. Many of the scrolls continue to be discovered and reveal even more information of ancient beliefs. Dr. Fields will explore How and WHY these scrolls are so important to religious bodies and faiths.  To order tickets on line go to THIS LINK and then click on the flyer below. You’ll be led to our PayPal account. OR conversely, call Mike Kelly for tickets: 707-322-8503.

Join us for the fascinating story of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Join us for the fascinating story of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Spring has sprung and Real Estate is on the move….Buying, selling, downsizing. What to do with ALL that stuff?….It’s time to call on Kimberlee Foster of “Chucket!”

April 13, 2013; Santa Rosa, Ca.

The Real Estate Hour 9-10am KSRO 1350 AM, Sundays.

Kimberlee1-150x150Selling? Moving? Downsizing? ..or just plain fed up with all the “stuff”!

Have no fear. Kimberlee Foster joins us again with some tips on getting organized, whether it’s before a move, moving into a new home…or just organizing your life. FYI; I’ll be taking a lot of notes  😉

Kimberlee, through her company, Chucket -Organizing and Relocation Services,  offers home or office organizing and downsizing, with an emphasis on downsizing for seniors.  And, if you are moving,  she’ll manage all the details, from downsizing years of possessions to planning all the details of a move into smaller quarters.

From your initial complimentary consultation* to the “final sweep” of your home, Chucket will handle all the details based on your needs and preferences: inventory/assessment (what goes and where/what stays), overseeing movers, packing/unpacking, designing floor plans, setting up and personalizing your new home, coordinating auctions, estate sales, home cleaning, staging and realtor services. Serving Sonoma County, California.

Free 30 minute consultation

Call Kimberlee Direct at;  (707) 495-0778.

1937 Neotomas Avenue, OPEN HOUSE, Today, Sunday 1 to 4pm

Come by this Sunday, April 13th between  1 to 4pm, and view  this stunning home located in Bennett Valley on a no through traffic street. Custom front yard landscaping invites you to linger under the grape arbor on the brick patio. Many families nowadays enjoy greeting neighbors and are spending MORE time in the front yard. Invite your neighbors onto the patio and create a mini-block party!  CLICK HERE for view our virtual tour of the Home.

Single level in Bennett Valley on quiet "No-Through" traffic street!
Single level in Bennett Valley on quiet “No-Through” traffic street!


Don't leave big bucks on the bargaining table!
Don’t leave big bucks on the bargaining table!

Hold a “First Time Seller’s” Seminar! The real estate bottom has come and gone–we’ve created new first time SELLER’s with EQUITY! They need to move on up! Show them How! 

#1–With ANY seminar–Don’t have it at YOUR OFFICE! Find a neutral spot such as community room, senior center hall, etc. Consumers don’t WANT to come into the bear’s den! I had a friend who spent a ton of money, time, energy on promoting a first time homebuyer fair only to make the mistake of having it at HER real estate office and it bombed.

#2–Why  a FIRST TIME SELLER’S SEMINAR? Most Realtors also have a first time homebuyers seminar. IN our “Wine-country” area of the San Francisco North Bay we have super low inventory, bidding wars for homes and First timers being beat out by “boomers” moving down and offering cash for homes. They constantly beat out our first timers. A Realtor will have to have a huge log of motivated buyers who can really deal to get a home in our area. In our marketplace our value took a 60% drop when the market imploded. But we are back big time.

#3–We went up 35% in the last three years and our median home price in the county went up 10% in ONE month with a new median home price over $500,000. We have EQUITY sellers again who purchased REO or foreclosed/short-sales homes starting in 2008 and now are MOVING ON UP. Couples who got a great deal on a home in the low $200’s during our REO market have homes now worth in the high  $300’s to early $400K range. They bought a nice 3/2 of 1100-1200 sqft but now have TWO kids and need more space! They have NEVER SOLD a home!

#4–Remember! You LIST TO LAST in our industry so let’s show them HOW to be a Seller and what the procedure entails. You can talk about pre-marketing issues such as home repairs, staging, feng-shui if that suits you, etc. What comes first–buying and selling or selling THEN buying? Show them your skill-set by explaining THEY are in the driver’s seat in this market. Show them statistics on your companies List to Sell %.  Let them know they can rent back for up to 60 days or if a cash deal on their home LONGER. One buyer who bought a listing gave our client one months FREE rent.   Selling first makes them powerful buyers as they are NOT contingent and have a BIG down payment.

#5–Many Realtors make the mistake of instantly seeking open houses to grab some buyers thinking this will happen much quicker than going out and LOOKING for new listings. We have buyers we’ve been working with for months and at NO fault of the buyers. They just keeping getting beat out or if an offer is accepted something unforeseen comes up in the inspections. We’ve also taken 8 listings in the last 45 days and all are IN escrow or soon will be. So remember–YOU LIST TO LAST in our industry. You can control 15 listing easily but 15 buyers? Good luck!