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Our "Loan Guy" Pete Phillippe
Our “Loan Guy” Pete Phillippe

Peter Phillippe of Princeton Capital is back for an update on the lending side of the real estate market.. Pete will be discussing the latest and BEST Interest rates, how to make your home “lendable”, Loan limit news from Freddie and Fannie, and a new FHA program that may reduce mortgage insurance…plus YOUR CALLS! Join us for what will surely be a “don’t miss” hour. Pete can be reached at: 707-481-2737 Cell  1-888-305-2473 eFax or

Purchasing Country or Rural Property in Sonoma County, Calif Part II

CountryPropertyIn Part I of “Buying Country or “Rural” property I explored the differences of a “Town” versus a “Country” property.  The major difference between Town and Country? Onsite “waste disposal systems” and “water supply” residing on the same property as your home. Many consumers will back off buying a rural property simply for this reason.  However many will sally forth knowing owning a country property brings with it many rewarding years of living closer to nature. You just need to do YOUR HOMEWORK when buying. Part I of this series dealt with septic and well tests but there are many others usually recommended in this type of real estate purchase. Let’s explore and discuss other points you NEED to understand when purchasing Country or “Rural” property. Continue reading Purchasing Country or Rural Property in Sonoma County, Calif Part II