Hard Money or Soft Money? What is it and WHY should you care!

  Todd WilsonYou may have heard the term “Hard Money” and wondered what this means? Perhaps you’ve even heard the terms, “Soft Money”? Tomorrow on the show we will have as our guest Todd Wilson of ARC Capital, a firm which specializes in just such a lending product. Different than “conforming money” or regular loans which you would get from a bank such as Wells Fargo or BofA, “Hard Money” has less in the way of stringent guidelines. The “Hard Money” lender is more concerned about an initial equity stake in the property and require MORE of a down payment to secure their loans. Todd will fill us in as to WHY this might be a good way to enter the investment or flip marketplace or just as an alternative to a tough guideline regular loan.

Todd Wilson-ARC Capital  (707) 523-2900

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100 Stony Pont Road, Suite 260–Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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ARC Capital Hard and Soft Money