Mike Kelly’s Press Democrat Columns PLUS the latest on “Affordabiity in the Bay Area”

I’ve put together all of my popular Press Democrat real estate columns into one “Drop Box” folder including my latest on the real estate “Affordability” issue.

Lack of Affordability means a shrinking Real Estate Dollar!
Lack of Affordability means a shrinking Real Estate Dollar!

Many think our affordability has disappeared by looking at the long-term average in California we are about “average”. Now San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo counties are horribly askew with affordability indexes in the Teens but we are comfortably residing at 29%. This means that only 29% of our population can afford the median priced home at the median INCOME for the county (now around $58,000). Solano is the big affordability champ with an index of 52%. San Francisco is at 14%. But you probably just KNEW that. Click the link below to go to my Press Democrat Column DropBox folder. Enjoy! They are there for you to gather knowledge about the real estate market. We LOVE smart, savvy Buyers and Sellers.

Here’s the Link:  http://tinyurl.com/nmjpdg4

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