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Bay Area Air Quality Management District is Proposing a Point Of Sale Mandate for Wood Burning Fireplace/Wood Burning Device Replacement to EPA Standards.

Sonoma County is just one of the counties under the jurisdiction of the Bay Area Air Quality Management Division, and not the entire county is covered. The towns north of Windsor, Ca. are not part of the BAAQMD, and would not be effected by this proposed mandate.

The proposal is still in the planning and […]

Home Price Appreciation vs Wage Growth

One of the big struggles we have with buyers is getting their wages UP to correspond with the increased home prices. This is a national chart but it is NOT that much different for our Bay Area counties.

Real Estate as “The American Dream” is Alive and Well

Homeownership, now at around 61% of the population is actually desired by each generation in the 80 percentile. So much comes with homeownership–your OWN memory machine, tax incentives, appreciation in the marketplace, making your House a HOME!

Buyer Purchasing Power is Up in Sonoma County, Ca.

If you are a serious “fence-sitter” remember the longer you wait the LOWER your “purchasing power”. The chart below shows just how much you will lose. Rates today are at or near the 3.75% and as you can see a $400,000 Loan is at $1,852. Most economists agree that the rates will rise this year […]

Natural Alternative to that Bee Killing “Round-Up”….Save the Bees

This is THE alternative to the bee-killer “Roundup” spray. PLEASE do not use Roundup. It is death to our pollinators the honey-bees and other beneficial bees and insects. If you have a weed in your drive-way, bend over and pick it out! OR use this potent mix and spray just LIKE the dreaded “Round-Up”!

New “Know Before You Owe” Mortgage Rule coming in August 2015…Find your “Toolkit” here.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has released a new toolkit to guide consumers through the process of shopping for a mortgage and buying a home.

“The new mortgage disclosure forms coming in August will help consumers comparison shop for mortgages and avoid surprises at the closing table. We are releasing this toolkit well in […]

Easter Sunday 2015 The Real Estate Hour’s Guide to Egg Hunts; Sonoma County

Easter Sunday, Easter Egg Hunts

Sonoma County, California Easter Egg Hunt




Sonoma County

Did you think your kiddos missed all the Easter egg hunts in Sonoma County this year? …or, maybe they just didn’t get enough? Have no fear.  Here’s a list of family Easter fun and events taking place ON  […]

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