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This Weeks Show; Tons of useful information…all rolled into one very entertaining hour; Make your property appealing without a PRICE REDUCTION, Tales from the Trenches…and More. 9-10am Sunday 8/01, 1350am,

As usual, tons of useful information…all rolled into one very entertaining hour.  This week; Making your property appealing without a PRICE REDUCTION by offering closing costs, buying down a mortgage, getting creative. Why this makes sense…Mike will break it down to the numbers~ The long and short of the Buyer/Agent relationship ~ Plus, Mike and Alli’s “Tales from the Trenches”; The Bank’s Asset Managers are digging in their heels on those REO prices…showing signs of multiple personalities, leaving one to ponder…”what the heck are they thinking??”  All this and MORE…Tune us in @ 1350am or

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