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Yet another reminder that Sonoma County, Ca. is a destination county. For Real Estate, and the local economy,that’s a good thing

Sonoma County has long been the chosen setting for movies…think Alfred Hitchcocks’s “The Birds, and Shadow of a Doubt” way back in the 40’s,… “American Grafitti”, the list goes on and on 

According to Sonoma County’s Tourism Bureau, there has been an increased interest in Sonoma County for TV. In Kawasaki’s case,  “Santa Rosa’s downtown had the right feel — not too modern and not too small….a bit of a European feel”  See full story below;

I see this as yet another reminder that Sonoma County Ca. is a destination county. For Real Estate, and the local economy,that’s a good thing….. and may have been a contributing factor in Money Magazine putting Santa Rosa, CA. at the top of their top 20 list of “highest performing cities” , predicting a 6% gain in home prices in Santa Rosa. See full story……


A new model Kawasaki motorcycle, black and shiny in the morning sunshine, sat parked in the middle of Fourth Street Wednesday as the only vehicle allowed on the downtown block

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