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Happy Thanksgiving to One and All! Hope you are HOME with your Family.

Allison are very thankful we’ve been able to meet the needs of our clients in these trying times. We’ve had the opportunity to counsel and assist many of you to STAY in your homes or to exit gracefully with your dignity and credit rating somewhat intact.  Our real estate hour family of listeners never cease to amaze us with their generosity. Our two top winners of our recent contest for new Ezine subscribers had BOTH winners donating the 1st place Turkey Dinner and 2nd place Turkey to families  in need! So in this time of Thanks we both give Thanks to you our listening family and hope you are safe and secure with your families and able to enjoy this time of the year and the upcoming Holiday Season.

And don’t forget–This is MY Favorite time of the year as I get to chat up my favorite Holiday Movie! A Xmas Story! Stay tuned!! You long time listeners and “Xmas Story” fans KNOW what the above is! No–not a gaudy, sex-laden lamp–But truly a Major Award!” And we know it’s of french origin as it has on the outside of the shipping box the french term–“fragilly!” The bigger question though is–HOW did the lamp come to its demise? I suspect Ralphie’s mother!

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