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“A Xmas Story” Trivial question–last one before next week’s drawing for the “Major Award”!

Our last “Xmas Story” trivia question: What did Ralphie’s Aunt Clara give him for Xmas?  Hint: His mother made him put it on!

Next week we will drawn the lucky winner from the last of our “contest. Here are some trivia we rejected as being just too tough for the general listening audience:

Where did they finally have their Xmas Dinner:  “Bo Ling and Son’s Chop Suey Palace”

What was Scut Farkas’s sidekick:  “Grover Dill” and he was known as a little “Toadie”

What was the highest “Dare” as a kid you could make:  “Triple Dog Dare”

What do you get when you eat “under-cooked” turkey? “Worms”!!

What did Flick get his tongue stuck on? A flag pole!

Ralphie's Home--Now a gift shop and museum for the Movie!

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