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Quick look at Interest Rates courtesy the L.A. Times! I like their Chart!

If you are on the fence--GET OFF IT! Rates on on the MOVE UP!


This is a super graphic as it shows the BOTTOM OF INTEREST rates has COME and GONE!! Another disturbing trend—UP! If you’ve been on the fence hoping for lower rates get thee to google, search Interest Rate History and you should have a revelation which says-“Wow! We are in historic times for LOW rates! I better take advantage of them NOW!” 

  And if you need help in finding a Realtor Allison Norman is a great choice. Her Clients are immediately directed to a special web site in which we PAY for YOU to search like we do through the MLS!! You don’t MISS a property!

  She also puts out a “Want”, describing to the top agent’s in Marin and Sonoma County your home search criteria. WHY? We find homes BEFORE they hit the market!

  We also will refer you to three top flight Loan Professionals and YOU can choose which one meets YOUR needs!

  Then, YOU can choose WHEN you wish to preview homes as we supply you with addresses so viewing can be done by YOU! Find a home that grabs you? Call Allison and we get you in! We get paid to find you the best house at the best price with the least amount of hassles for you! We are NOT a Taxi Service! We negotiate, show you trends in the marketplace and have a combined 36+ years Exclusively here in Sonoma County!

  Call Allison anytime: 707-799-3617 and don’t forget to email us with ANY Question you may have:  Because Allison believes we NEVER have a dumb question in a real estate transaction–just questions needing answers!

Allison Norman

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