Merry Day-After Xmas! “A Xmas Story” marathon is DONE! Winner Announced Today!

A major award! Obvious “French” in origin–it says “Fragilly” on the box!

We will be drawing for our “Major Award” today for one of our lucky contestants in our “A Xmas Story” trivia contest. Stay tuned as the award will indeed be major!

  Also, Allison will be discussing the latest settlement from the Attorney General of California and 9 other states with one of the big “Peer Banks”. This time it is Wells Fargo’s turn to pay for the shoddy loans which Wells Fargo inherited when purchasing Golden West Financial (aka World Savings) and Wachovia. You’ll recall the AG made a very similiar arrangement with BofA and their Countrywide portfolio of loans. They all invole the same type of loan, “Pickapayment” or “NegAm” loans. The settlement numbers, if fully realized, could top 2.4BILLIONS!!

  If you suspect you MIGHT be able to get a settlement here’s the number to call: Toll Free–888-565-1422.  Wells Fargo will ALSO be mailing out notices!! READ YOUR MAIL!! See the full press release by going to our site! Here’s the link! Click HERE!

  2010 Year in Review–Part I–We’ll look at the market for last year. Do some dissecting, prognostications and general BS about the year that was!!

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