Today’s Show! Laguna Foundation–David Bannister on why we need to preseve the Laguna De Santa Rosa!

Below is from a series of emails I’ve had with David Bannister, our guest today on the Real Estate Hour, as we delve into the large eco-system many of us just call “the laguna”. Over 250 square miles, this vital eco-system provides flood control and supports a diverse, intricate eco-system of wetlands, forests and all sorts of winged creatures big and small plus many a critter! I’ll let David give us a thorough explanation of one of Sonoma  County’s Natural Resources!  We will be talking about their annual “Tree-a-Thon” where hundreds of trees are planted to aid in the restoration of the Laguna. To make a DONATION click HERE!

Today, thanks to the efforts of the Laguna Foundation and others, people are starting to realize that the “purposes” the Laguna has been put to over the last 160 years by humans are not the only purposes of an ecosystem. We try to make people realize that natural systems like the Laguna provide a  host of ecosystem services to humans:

  • Flood protection-It is estimate that the 1964 Guerneville flood would have been 40 feet higher if not for the Laguna holding water back and releasing it slowly to the Russian.
  • Carbon sequestration in riparian forests  –Hence the Treeathon? Let’s also make sure we explain these concepts in listener friendly terms! But I find this very intriguing that this great bio-mass called the Laguna, in a very healthy state, would aid in slowing global warming.
  • Natural beauty and the ecotourism that follows—What are all those cars doing parked there? I never see anyone but the cars are always around the bridge? Docent led trips? Fisherman?
  • Wildlife habitat and some of that wildlife becomes food sources- Salmon/steelhead, deer, waterfowl, etc. Is the CTS in this mix?

Restoring riparian forests has many benefits:

  • Improved water quality
  • Increased wildlife habitat
  • Shade makes the water more suitable for fish
  • Helps to mitigate climate change

“The event was a big success and this year we are working on a City of Santa Rosa property near our headquarters, Irwin Creek.  We are working on a section of Irwin just before it enters into the Laguna. The date is January 22nd, from 9:00 to ? We are not trying to get a bunch of volunteers out to plant the trees UNLESS they are also doing the fundraising part.  Like a walk-a-thon we want the people that participate to do both the fundraising and tree planting pieces.” David Bannister

David Bannister

Executive Director

Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation

900 Sanford Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

P (707) 527-9277 x.103
F (707) 527-5075  

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