Sonoma County Homeowners-Bank of America Short-Sale or Modification “Concierge” Toll Free number!

Homeowners in Sonoma County, California–here’s a “Concierge” telephone number you can call to escalate modification of your loan or perhaps a “Short-Sale”. 866-880-1232  This comes from a meeting we had with a VP of Portfolio Rention for Short-Sales. If it a shot but remember the following:

BofA has some 500 investors who purchased the loans they originated. If the loan is a  “NonDelegated” loan–it means BofA CANNOT modifiy the loan. Bof A will  have to get approval from THESE investors. Now remember also, these loans were chopped up by the Wall Street folks and packaged into securities and sold off to the world! It’s kinda hard FIINDING your loan “owner” in order to get approval.

BofA is in the “Debt settlement business” and has NO interest (meaning ownership” in 70% of their loans.

They are stressing “Loan Modification” and have 20,000 employees who do nothing but work on Modifications, Short-Sales and/or REO’s (Bank owned-forclosed upon properties).

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