Cutting Edge Marketing-What ELSE would you expect from the Kelly-Norman Team? QR Codes For Real Estate!

No, this is NOT a new video game, real estate maze or flow chart on how my mine thinks! It is a QR Code. All you “hip” folks have already scanned it with your Iphone,Droid, Blackberry scanner “App” and now are viewing our listings ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE! We make these “QR CODES” for individual listings and place them on our marketing materials, For Sale Signs, etc. It allows a buyer WITH a mobile phone to view all of our lisitings FORMATTED PERFECTLY for the Mobile Device!! Very cool! Read more after you SCAN the QR CODE!

When Allison and I prepare our “Marketing Campaign” we use many tools to bring more buyers to the Seller’s Property. We now are employing the most cutting edge tools for real estate professionals on the market today. It is called Mobile Real Estate ID and allows The Kelly-Norman Team  to provide prospective buyers with a client’s property information 24/7 via text message. We assign unique “QR Codes” to the property. This way anytime a prospective buyer texts that code, they will instantly get the property information, pictures and my contact info on their phone via text message. At the same time they text in, WE will receive an alert with their contact information telling us that they are looking at your home.  We will use this to enhance all the forms of advertising we deem suitable for the marketing of a client’s property.  This will ensure that Allison and I  never lose a lead on a client’s  property. All prospective buyers will get the information they want in the quickest most direct manner possible. We will now know who is looking, when they are looking, all in real time! And Allison will follow up with everyone!

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