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Peter Phillippe of Princeton Capital and Long time guest answers the question: Default and Interest Rates-Up or Down?

It’s always fun to have Mr. Peter Phillippe on the show ( We’ll be discussing these super-low rates which dropped like a stone on Friday but also WHAT EFFECT a possible government default will have on not only Home Mortgage rates but also other consumer credit.

  We’ll also discuss the various rates, the NEW lowered loan amounts coming into play end of September, how you can pay your LOAN off quicker by opting for either a 15 year loan or making a larger payment per month!

  Allison’s camping with her Kids this weekend–she had to get in ONE weekend before school starts for her young one. We’ll hear about that the following Sunday! So it’s the GUYS at the helm on the good ship “Real Estate Hour”–see you on the radio!

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