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Thanks to Eileen Morelli for joining me on the show.

I had a great time hosting the show this morning and couldn’t have asked for a better guest. Eileen ‘s insight into this market from her vantage point as the managing broker at Keller Williams Realty… not to mention her 30+ years  in Sonoma County Real Estate, was a real treat.  Eileen, spoke of  her recent experiences with buyers, sellers and agents and how everyone seems to be a little more up-beat these days.  I’d have to say I’ve noticed that shift as well.  Speaking of “Shift”, Eileen offered a few copies of Gary Keller’s book “Shift” during the show, and had at least 5 or 6 voicemails by the end of the show.  Congratulations to those agents who are ready to change the way they look at this market.  A great KW quote…”It’s not about the Market, It’s about YOU”

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