Selling your home?…Why should you offer a home warranty?? Caroline Fuller of American Home Shield joins us on today’s show


Caroline Fuller

Account Executive, American Home Shield

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Why a home warranty ?

Average repair costs
With a home warranty, this isn’t what you’ll need to pay when something breaks and you have a home protection plan. This is just a simple summary of the average replacement and repair costs for some of the most common items found in your home…..Do you see the benefit of a home warranty?

Household Item Replacement Costs* Repair Costs*
Clothes Dryer $646 $88
Clothes Washer $571 $98
Dishwasher $502 $171
Oven/Range $706 $170
Refrigerator $1,088 $209
Air Conditioner $2,390 $332
Furnace $2,442 $316
Water Heater $767 $140
Main Electrical Panel $651 $210

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