Honey Bee Swarm Season–My first “swarm” of the year–Read WHAT TO DO when you encounter some Honey Bees!

First thing you want to do is keep my cell phone number handy and ON your speed dial: 707-322-8503. I’ll come a runnin’ and give them a new home. Here’s photos of my first swarm capture of the season: Two photos to the left are of the bees as they enter the “Swarm box”. This is a portable “hive” and acts to collect a field swarm of bees. Two middle photos are of Barbara Jo Alois, my bee mentor, and I transferring the swarm to their permanent home (I hope!) which is a traditional Langstroth hive configuration. Final picture to the right is the hive all secure with a new colony of bees.

If you have sighted a swarm of honey bees, or have bees in your house or other structure, please read the following information before calling a beekeeper on the list:

  • PLEASE DO NOT SPRAY THE BEES WITH ANYTHING. Especially insecticides, but do not even spray them with water. This is endangering the bees, yourself and the beekeeper.
  • Ensure you are dealing with honey bees and not another beneficial insect.
  • Please do not ask a beekeeper to take care of a yellow jacket problem – unless specifically licensed for pest control, a beekeeper cannot legally address pest issues. Please contact a licensed pest control operation for that.

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