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Le Tour De Hive–Father’s day fun for the whole family!! Touring Hives throughout Sonoma County!

Our “Le Tour De Hive” is stressing making our event a Family Affair! So WHAT does the  $40 family pass get you? Our Family Pass is the entry fee for the entire family to visit 6 different sites in the Western part of Sonoma County. At each site there will be various
activities all of which are covered by this fee…  The time is from 10 AM to 3PM… Our website, gives you the map of the 6 different locations but I will attempt to give you an idea of the various things that the family can do at the various sites…..

 These activities will be great for the entire family…all ages….

• observation hives so that you can watch the bees from a protected place. They are enclosed by a plastic cover….

• SCBA volunteers at each site to explain why each site was chosen: ie gardening for the bees, importance of bees,  beekeeping
equipment, products made from honeybees such as candles etc.. etc • volunteers to explain various aspects of the life of the honeybees. such as their biology and anatomy; colony collapse etc • explanations about the flowers and vegetation that the honeybees like such as lavender plants (which will be in full bloom) • tasting honey at one site and pear juice at another site (organic pear juice made on the farm).

• There will be free organic Straus ice cream at one site and also at all sites water and fruit at each site • A father’s day gift at
each site ( and if no Father then to one family member); a gift such as a lavender herb rub for bar-b-que…. or seed packets, etc • At the seed bank there will be different movies shown about the Honeybees ie “Vanishing of the bees”  The family could watch one of the movies or all of them; there will be a posting of the times the movies will be shown….

There is ample parking at or near all sites and we will have balloon markers so it should be easy to find the sites. …We are hoping
for a beautiful day. I  hope this explanation helps…. Here is the website but you are more than welcome to send
any questions to me.

Coming up THIS Father’s Day, June 17th, visit some of our great local farms and their apiaries or bee hives! We have 5 farms on the schedule and you’ll get a special treat for “Dad” at EACH one! I’m sponsoring the event along with other businesses and want a big turn out! Here’s a link to get more information.  CLICK RIGHT HERE!

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