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Third Year in Row, Sept sales Plunge! This year steeper because of previous Big Sales Months. Scarcity, low rates!

I was predicting that September Sales would drop from the higher summers months. I was right! But it just repeated what it had done in 2011 and 2010. However, this past month was real BIG compared to the highest summer sales in over 3 years. Those interest rates and folks finally realizing that we HIT bottom back in 2009, have spurred high sales volume. Sales fell 20+% from August indicating that even with 3.125% rates, folks gotta get back to work.

Three Year Sales

Some folks say the big DROP is because of lack of inventory. I don’t buy it. We’ve been tight now for 3 months with scarcity of inventory. Folks are back to work, schools in, the “new” seasonality?



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