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Debt Relief for Short-Sale Homeowner’s–Set to expire Dec 31st this year–FISCAL CLIFF for Distressed Homeowner’s.

Below is a quote from a recent story from CNBC on the sun-setting of the Bush era “Debt Forgiveness” happening December 31, 2012. Your Realtors are fighting to continue the benefits of the Debt Relief Act and Debt Cancellation.  With the huge 250 Billion Attorney General settlements beginning January 1st, we are perplexed WHY the debt forgiveness would NOT be extended as the lack of this would undercut the settlement by making Short-Sales NO LONGER attractive for areas where the “bubble” hit the hardest; California, Nevada, Florida, etc.

We URGE you to take action and send emails, call, write, YOUR Congressperson and Senators. Here they are!


Barbara Boxer: 202-224-3553 or go to:

Dianne Feinstein: 202-224-3841 or


Mike Thompson (who will be representing MOST of Santa Rosa with the new re-districting of his area) 202-225-3311

231 Cannon Office Building, Washington,DC 20515

Lynn Woolsey (lame duck–Jared Huffman will no doubt win her seat) 202-225-5161

2263 Rayburn Building, Washington,DC 20515


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