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New Loan Regulations–Is this GOOD or BAD for the Real Estate Market?

Join us as show favorite, Otto Kobler, of Summit Funding, explains the new Lender regulations which went into effect on January 10th of this year. Sonoma County, California real estate home prices surged, buyers are IN the market but inventory remains scarce. Question to Otto–are these new regulations

Join us as we discuss the "Shut-down" side effects of lending!

Join us as we discuss the “Shut-down” side effects of lending!

New2014LendingRegs Otto Kobler beneficial to a recovering real estate market place in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Rohnert Park, Petaluma-all about the county or a detriment and perhaps wet blanket? This and more on the Real Estate Hour, 9 to 10am PST, Sundays, or at

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