Flood Insurance in a Drought? Yup! You pay even on Sun Shiny Days!

Jan Loewen--Insurance Agent Superstar! And all around NICE person.
Jan Loewen–Insurance Agent Superstar! And all around NICE person.

And you pay BIG BUCKS for Flood Insurance even in drought conditions. The flood maps NEVER go away. Join us this Sunday as we discuss home owner’s insurance and WHAT to watch out for when buying a home. How much, on what? Tune us in this Sunday!

Alli and I are delighted to have insurance agent super-star, Jan Loewen on the show this coming Sunday. You may have heard much ballyhoo about the recent “Flood Insurance” legislation and how congress FINALLY passed new rules and regulations on this subject. Sure we’re in a drought, but your flood insurance bill is paid yearly and it can be VERY expensive. We will be discussing all of the following topics. Give us a call anytime during the show: 707-636-1350.

  • Flood insurance—Whatever you now KNOW –elevation certs, etc. Flood maps—how does ONE KNOW they reside in this zone?
  • Earthquake Insurance—two moderate ones in the north and south remind us this is EARTHQUAKE country. Is it a sucker bet? Huge deductibles?
  • What does FIRE insurance cover? How about personal property? Should one make a log or video of the homes interior? Special jewelry, paintings, prized antiques-separate appraisals?
  • What about auxiliary buildings—barns, shops, pump houses? Covered or need to be modified?

What about crop insurance? Water’s getting tight! This and YOUR QUESTIONS on the longest running real estate talk show in the North Bay!

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