Default Loan specialist–Attorney Bill Matz, joins us this Sunday on the Real Estate Hour!

This week’s Guest on the Real Estate Hour. Sunday, 9 to 10am, October 8th.

Noted attorney on Loan Defaults joins us this Sunday!
Noted attorney on Loan Defaults joins us this Sunday!
We welcome noted attorney, Bill Matz to our show this Sunday. We’ve put two of his articles at your disposal. Just click on the highlighted area: Matz Articles on Defaults/Loan Mods to go to his dropbox file box. Bill has worked extensively for the past 7 years dealing with homeowners in Loan Default, Short-Sales and Loan Modifications. He has stopped many a home from going to the auction block.  A listener called us recently and stated he had been in a “Loan Modification” and was working with the bank when he got a notice saying he had been denied. He then had his house sold at auction with no notification other than the initial Notice of Trustee’s Sale.   We realized so many folks here in the North Bay still see default looming before them and NOT because of being underwater with their loans but because they’ve yet to recover from the great recession. We’ll discuss what you can do about this and other topics around loan defaults and loan modifications. Should be a great provacative hour!

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